February – time to feather our nests

February, the time for nesting,

What better time to “feather our own nest”?
We are here, in this lifetime to enjoy being in relationship with ourselves, with each other and with our surroundings. Our first relationship in life, if we are so blessed, is with our mother. In feng shui this energy of relationships is actually associated with “mother energy” that primal energy of unconditional love.

The I Ching Symbol for this energy is KUN, also known as “the receptive” it represents divine feminine, mother energy. Some words to best describe this energy include: elegance, surrender, devotion, support, nurture,  mildness, softness, adaptability, vulnerability, loyalty, unconditional acceptance and kindness. Kun represents the practical world of growing and gathering food to nurture, ground and centre our energy, anchoring us into the physical world (Robert Sachs).


As Human Beings (humans being) what we all we need, at a primal level, is to feel loved, seen and heard, and nurtured. In tending then, to this area of relationships, this begins with having compassion for and loving, ourselves. Creating an environment in which we feel safe, supported and enfolded, feeds into this sense of belonging and acceptance.

It is part of the human condition to also need companionship. There is no use in having all of that abundance, health and creativity, if there is no one to share it with. Much of the joy we experience in life, if not all of the joy, is found in the sharing of our experiences and feelings.

In our homes, a key area to address, to enhance this energy, is the bedroom. Our bedrooms are where we retreat to for what I call the 3 R’s – Rest, Recuperation and Romance. Your bedroom needs to feel soft, nest-like, (mothering and nurturing). It should soothe the senses with soft, tactile fabrics, beautiful imagery, comforting scents and soft lighting. Fragrant homeliness is the order of the day. That safe pair of arms to run into after a day “playing” outside.

Ask yourself, what does that look like for you? More importantly, how would that FEEL for you! Feel the feeling first, then create that in your environment.
Be aware of the imagery and ornaments in this area of the home, it is good to have pairs of things here rather than solitary images. The last thing you see at night and the first thing you see in the morning impacts on your dream-state and how you feel as you begin every day. Go with your gut feeling for what feels appropriate to represent what it is you want to attract in your relationships. But remember, that you are also in relationship with yourself and support your own energy, first, here. What elements can you add to enhance your sense of being enfolded, protected and nurtured? Ideally, your bedroom should feel like a warm embrace.

This energy of relationships is associated with the earth element which can be introduced in the form of square shapes and patterns and soft, receptive are items such as cushions and pillows etc. The colour yellow holds the gathering nature of this element and can be used in the decor in this area of your home. Other colours associated with this energy include earthy tones, with the addition of red or pink which enhance the feminine nature of this area.

An ideal addition in this area, if you have space, is a pair of soft covered chairs or even a ‘love seat’ to enhance the feeling of togetherness. In imagery, this soft yielding energy is
often depicted by fields of uncultivated land, open spaces, the energy of basic humility, being open and empty and giving with an open heart.

There is a polarity between this energy and the energy of inner contemplation, in that, our relationships with others always result from how we carry them within ourselves. The fire element supports the element earth, in the cycle of elements, therefore, an addition of a small amount of red to this area e.g. two red candles for instance, would enhance this energy.

Crystals associated with this energy are rose quartz (female, loving energy), green aventurine (heart chakra), jade and peridot.

Add some Fragrant chi to your space by dispersing some pure essential oils in your home to enhance this energy of nurturing relationships and romance:-

Jasmine, links the base, heart and crown chakras, warms the heart and balances our energy. It is said to instil optimism and fun, positive energy. It has also been associated with the goddess of the moon, and Egyptian mother goddess ISIS, who held the secrets of fertility, magic and healing (Gabriel Mojay).

Benzoin, which is soothing, stabilising and nurturing. Associated with Venus, the planet of love, its warm, sweet, nourishing quality feeds our own ability to nurture and comfort both ourselves and others.

Melissa officianalis, also known as “hearts delight”, encourages gentle strength and fearless serenity.


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