January 2017 – Being in your element

Ever wondered about the saying    “being in your element?

In feng shui, we pay close attention to the elements found in nature – water, wood, fire, earth and metal. In fact, we utilise these five elements as the basis for creating a natural flow of energy throughout our living and working spaces. But what about your own element? We are all born with a particular energy signature made up of a combination of three elements. This is the filter through which we live our lives, act and react and provides an indication of the subtle changes in our individual energy from year to year and month to month.
Surrounding yourself with elements which support your individual elemental signature can really boost your energy. For instance, if you are a metal energy individual, you might add more earth energy to ground and support yourself, and diminish the use of fire energy which depletes your personal energy.
Each year over a cycle of 9 years, our energy, changes subtly, moving from one element into the next in a cyclical flow. Therefore at times you will be literally “in your element” and at others “out of your element”. In our February workshop, we will look at the 5 elements in general feng shui terms to create a natural flow of the elements throughout your space. Then we will take it to a more personal and individual level, where we calculate our individual energetic signature and how best to support yourself in general and in this coming year in particular. Read more…

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