July 2017 the fiery centre of the year.

Summer is in full swing, and we are experiencing lots of movement with people coming and going on holidays, barbeque’s and socialising with friends and hopefully, some time to sit in the sun and read a good book!

With that in mind, I would like to recommend a great new book on feng shui by a fellow feng shui consultant Mike Chester – the feng shui engineer. In his new book “Forgotten Feng Shui” Mike revisits the basics – energy flow and containment and the five elements in his own very practical, hands on and very down to earth style.
I have really enjoyed this excellent book and can recommend it to any of you as an excellent guide to read the chi/energy of your environment.

Many books out there on feng shui deal in theoretical terms which can be hard to decipher for the uninitiated and therefore difficult to relate to how the information might apply in everyday modern life. This book is an exception – it starts as it means to go on – on a very real note, with a story relating to someones reaction to Mike mentioning feng shui – they said “I dont believe in all that stuff!” and walked away! A common and unsurprising reaction when people have no understanding of just how practical and common sense and RELEVANT feng shui actually is to our everyday lives.

This book dispels the myths and brings things back to basics, explaining in everyday language and examples how energy moves and how it can be contained and benefited from in our modern homes. There are some excellent images to explain the theories making them very easy to follow and often very funny and therefore relate-able.

The five elements are brought to life with everyday examples of where they are experienced in our environments and how their energy modulates our response to spaces. Fascinating examples are shown to explain this information in a tangible and easy to grasp style.

Take some time to relax and go on a feng shui journey this summer, you will find yourself looking at your surroundings through a very different prism afterwards.

Relax and En-joy July!






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