Letting go, making space to move on.


Often feng shui can be reduced in peoples minds to be simply about clutter clearing. It is , in fact, a much deeper and more detailed process of connecting deeply with our sense of HOME.

However, it can be very difficult to bring about real change in our lives without first clearing out what no longer serves us on our journey forward.

feng shui – wind water

If we live surrounded by “stuff” from our past, to the extent that there is no “room to breathe” or space to invite in new experiences; then the application of feng shui or good energy flow to our spaces will be  impeded. Clutter is the opposite of flow, it creates stuck-ness; as long as you have physical “stuff” to deal with you cannot even think of finding a new path forward.

If you have a chronic issue around clutter, then set yourself a time frame; do 10 minutes a day. Remember FLAT SURFACES ARE NOT FOR STORAGE, so start with the counter tops, the desk top, the top of the dressing table etc. Clear the decks. Thereafter, pick one shelf, one drawer etc and tackle that. You will be amazed at the clarity this process will bring.

Some essential oils to diffuse while clearing clutter include:


“Eucalyptus brings us a degree of expansion and considerable peace…. brings us back to sound values, lively and original” “very useful for recentering a scattered person”…and “helps us to reveal the best of ourselves” (Portraits in oils by Philippe Mailhebiau).

It is said to dispel melancholy and revives the spirits working to restore both vitality and a positive outlook. Penetrating and cleansing, it dispels the half-conscious, stagnated feelings that can keep us bound to a limiting environment” Useful if you feel emotionally hemmed in or constricted by your surroundings….disperses negative feelings and gives us room to breathe” changes an atmosphere of “suffocation into one of expansive renewal”(Aromatherapy for healing the spirit by Gabriel Mojay)


It is excellent when feeling sluggish or stuck in a rut. Cleansing, it was used in ancient times to perfume clothes and repel insects. Said to stimulate our immune system, it sharpens our focus, clarifies and uplifts. It is said to disperse and cool emotional confusion and doubt encouraging a greater sense of trust and security. It brings in sunshine, joy and boosts self esteem.


Gives a sense of grounded-ness, well rooted stability and strong upward growth. Offers great strength in the face of adversity.Composing, it gathers scattered thoughts. Said to fortify the will to hold firm against adversity. It can give immovable strength in times of crisis. Restores a sense of spiritual certainty.  Transforms negative situations into ones from which we can derive strength and wisdom. (Aromatherapy for healing the spirit – Gabriel Mojay)


Gently stimulating and warming, it is said to strengthen your resolve and fortify your spirits when going through any difficulty. Excellent to restore your sense of optimism and support the immune system if you are feeling unwell.

The ancient Egyptians used it to disinfect the air and prevent the spread of disease. The greeks used it for this purpose too, and it is linked to the greek word “thumon” meaning courage. It is said that Roman soliders bathed in thyme before entering battle. (Gabriel Mojay “Aromatherapy for healing the spirit”)

It is said to dispel despondency and instil drive – very useful then, if feeling overwhelmed by clutter! It will help to know where to begin!



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