Letting Go, releasing what no longer serves & making space for joy

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The conscious use of scent to release energy and invite in positive chi

Much is made in feng shui about releasing clutter and creating space for something new to flow into our lives. 

The past 10 weeks have been a process of letting go for me. I embarked on a health and fitness program, took on a walking challenge and really got granular on what I was ready to release from my  life. 

Releasing Grief

I think we can all agree that the last two years in particular have brought up a lot of grief globally, covid and isolation and losing people we love along with war and social unrest has been overwhelming on a macro level even if we have been lucky enough to escape personally.


Having avoided it for over two years, I finally fell foul of the dreaded covid and I must say, I found it a real challenge. Of course the lungs and respiratory system is associated with grief in TCM so no surprise at all really that my body chose this moment to allow itself to really have a clear out.

Losing your sense of smell and taste

One of the more disconcerting symptoms of covid I experienced was a complete loss of my sense of smell and taste which was quite shocking – I use aromatherapy oils daily and most especially if feeling under the weather, so imagine my surprise when I realised that I couldn’t smell a thing!

I continued to treat myself with essential oils even though I could no longer smell them , I knew that their healing vibrational power was just as effective. Instead I visualised the trees and plants and imagined the scents as I inhaled them deeply. I took out my most diffusive oils (the ones with the strongest scents such as Ylang Ylang) and visualised standing in nature inhaling their scents. Slowly but surely my senses returned to normal and I am most grateful to be able to experience the healing scents of aromatherapy oils again.

The healing power of meditation

I have been thoroughly enjoying the week of meditation sessions which are being offered by  Davidji via zoom this past week, very timely to delve deep and clear out mentally and emotionally, getting ready to “coast into the second half of 2022”.

Space Clearing blend to release the past and invite in fresh vibrant energy

So now that I feel that I have let go on so many levels physically, mentally and emotionally, I am planning some space clearing to cleanse away the last vestiges of what has been released and make space to ease into the second half of 2022 ready to embrace all of the joy and happiness the rest of this year has to offer. 

The following oils have stepped forward to help with the process of releasing, transitioning and inviting in joy and balance:

Space Clearing Diffuser blend:-

2 drops Frankincense (boswellia carterii) : really relaxing and restorative and helps us to breathe more deeply. It offers immune support and encourages emotional healing. Its deep, resinous, balsamic and coniferous scent is at once comforting and familiar and also inspires a sense of the sacred. The name comes from the old French work Franc meaning free or pure, and the Latin Incensum meaning to “kindle”. So Frankincense means to “kindle freedom or purity”. According to Gabriel Mojay “Frankincense allows us to break free  from over attachment, let go of whatever is restricting us or holding us back , allowing our spirit to soar.”

3 drops Cypress (cupressus sempervirens): Excellent for grief, trauma and  overwhelm, this is a terrific oil when going through major life transitions. Its woody, resinous, smoky and balsamic notes made it very popular in ancient Greece and Rome and it is still widely used as a purification incense in Tibet. Cypress has been described as being like a friend holding your hand through difficult times. It encourages acceptance, and helps us to cope with change. It helps us to go with the flow of life. 

1 drop Ylang Ylang (cananga odorata) is a rich floral, highly diffusive oil which helps us to connect more deeply to ourselves which in turn enables us to connect to others. Deeply relaxing and heart calming, a small amount of this oil goes a long way. Its scent is tropical, smooth, sweet and has some spicy notes also. Ylang ylang is said to harmonise the body, mind and spirit. 

Flower oils have an affinity with the heart and with the fire element. They represent the fullest expression of the plant, as it opens itself up fully declaring “this is me”. According to Gabriel Mojay “Ylang ylang instils us with the sweetness of peaceful paradise…. it opens and centres us, allowing us to inwardly unify and so outwardly merge”.

To learn more about space clearing methods and essential oils for your home read my book “A Place to Call Home”

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