June 2016

feng shui design lilac and rowan June 2016Lilac and Rowan in full bloom.
The Lilac is one of natures simplest and oldest bushes, Lilac delights our senses with her heavenly scent and “feeds” our brain cells through our sense of smell – giving us “food for thought”, bringing us into alignment with our environment.
The Rowan – the lady of the mountains- is associated with Brigid, from whom comes inspiration for the creative arts. Often called the “whispering tree” – if you sit with her and listen, she may share her secrets and inspiration with you.

At the summer solstice on June 21st we arrive at a turning point in the year when the length of the days are at their peak – extreme yang, expanded energy. Everything is in full bloom – nature is bursting with energy.

Take some time outdoors at this time of year to breathe in this abundance, notice the plant and animal life – how vibrant everything is, the colours of the flowers, the green of the grass and leaves, pause and take 16 seconds to come into the present moment (inhale in for 4 seconds, hold the breath in for 4 seconds, exhale for 4 seconds and hold the breath out for 4 seconds #Davidji). This is a perfect way to ground and centre your energy at any time – especially if you are going through a particularly busy or stressful time.

Feng Shui – Gardening for the Soul – on June 18th, we will delve deeply into our connection to Mother Earth. Breathing in the natural rhythm and order of nature, tapping into this amazing support network which surrounds us. This month we expand our feng shui outside into Nature. If you are lucky enough to have a garden, we look at how the bagua expands into the garden space and how to boost the energy of each area with planting, lighting, ornamentation etc. to support and balance the flow of energy surrounding your home.

Each plant, tree and flower has its own individual energy and gifts which are available to us in any moment, if we just take the time to tune in. Besides being a source of food and nourishment, human beings have always had an inherent bond with the plant life around us whether through folklore, herb-craft, aromatherapy, flower essences etc. But simply sitting in nature, and being still, breathing in the scents, listening to the birds, the waves crash at the beach, the bees buzzing around etc. is a very powerful way to connect to the balance and harmony of Mother Earth, available to us at all times.

In the feng shui of your home, the central core of your space represents health and unity. Why not bring in some things from nature this month? – create a little spot where you can display some flowers, pebbles, sea-shells, etc. to remind you to take some time for yourself this month to simply sit and enjoy the abundance of Mother Nature.

Enjoy this month of expanded energy, as, after the solstice, the wheel begins to turn again and slowly, but surely, the days will become shorter again, on our perpetual journey from darkness to light and back again.

On June 18th we will delve deeply into this subject, there are still a few places left to join us.

In the meantime, en-joy this time of new growth and vitality!
Summer Blessings,


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