May day Space clearing to invite in the new growth of Summer.

In the past six weeks many of us have spent time clearing out our homes, tackling clutter that may have lain dormant for years. Clearing out what is no longer necessary or useful is a very powerful way to shift the energy of our homes which creates a corresponding shift in the energy of our lives as a result.

Having cleared the physical clutter in our homes, the next stage is to clear the energy of the atmosphere within our home.  Quantum physics has proven what ancient people instinctively knew; everything is energy. At a molecular level, every thing in our environment, however solid it may seem, is simply made up of moving particles of energy, vibrating at a different frequency from the spaces around it. The table and chairs in our living room, the books in the bookcase, the rug on the floor; they are all just energy particles vibrating at a frequency that we perceive to have more density and volume than the spaces in between. We are energetic beings, our energy is in constant communication with our surroundings on a vibrational level. This interaction can take the form of a harmonious melody or a discordant din. The choice is ours. 

All of the spaces in each room of our homes are vibrating with energy of some sort. Some spaces will feel energetically chaotic, some may feel stagnant or dull, some may feel peaceful and enfolding and some vibrant and life giving. When we take some time to notice the energy in each room of our home, deeply focusing our awareness, this gives us an indication of what shifts in energy are required at any given time. 

The most important part of this process is setting our intention; what is it we would like to have happen as a result of this space clearing? What would we like to release? what patterns, ways of being, experiences are we now ready to let go of? Writing these down, making a clear list is a powerful part of the process. There is power in the written word, we are “spelling” it out. This has energetic magic to offer at a vibrational level.

Next taking a separate piece of paper we think of what we would like to invite in to our life. What would we like to have more of? What experiences, people, and feelings would we like to draw in? Again, writing them down.

We are getting ready now to clear the “space” of our homes. This is a very powerful method to clear out old patterns, heaviness or stuck energy in order to invite in positive new experiences into every area of our lives. It is an excellent practise to do regularly to keep the energy of our surroundings vibrant, fresh, nurturing and supportive. Like a “virtual spring clean” of our homes, this process is essential on a vibrational level to clear the way forward. It is especially beneficial to do this when we are going through a transition, or when there is some trauma or a sense of stagnation in our lives. Now seems pretty timely!

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