Now is the only time there is, here is the only space



Now is the only time there is, here is the only space.

Summer Holidays offer us the opportunity to step off the treadmill and press the pause button. For some, it can take a while for that steam train to slow down and come to a complete stop, unwinding can take longer depending on just how fast paced your life has been.

August is the month when the busy growth cycle has reached its peak and there seems to be a gently slowing before the autumn contraction begins again.

Take some time this month to just stop and take in your surroundings, take in how you feel, how your energy is, right here, right now.

Get out into nature if you can, sit in a quiet place and just be. Marvel at the miraculous detail in a single flower.

For just this moment there is nowhere else to be, nothing else to do.

Feng shui provides us with a system to measure where we are on that scale of expansion and contraction and make adjustments accordingly. However, often we need to first stop and take stock before taking action. The first step, before applying feng shui can be to clear out what we no longer need in our surroundings.

Just as we need to clear physical clutter from our spaces to allow room for change occur and new blessings to come in, we need to clear TIME and headspace, for ourselves to enjoy being present. Not racing ahead to the next appointment or planning the next day, week, month living in the future. Not looking back at what we could have done differently, living in the past. Now is the only place there is…

As you know I love to work with essential oils to create a shift, or a pause in atmospheres. They are natures gift for body, mind and spirit, allowing us to immediately establish ourselves in the present moment, and pause before taking appropriate action.

Three essential oils which can work together beautifully to create breathing space are:-

Cedarwood – a sweet, balsamic, woody aroma which is grounding, steadying and calming. It gives a cosy, secure and grounded, transforming difficult situations into a sense of spiritual certainty. It allows us to steady our energy in the moment.

Eucalyptus – a camphorous, piercing aroma with a woody and sweet undertone. It disperses stagnation, clearing our heads, boosts our immune systems, restores vitality, revives our spirits and gives us “room to breathe”.

Juniper – a fresh and woody aroma with a peppery note. One of the very first plants to be used by native peoples as a ritual incense. It was used by the Tibetans and Native Americans for ceremonial purposes. It has an ability to disperse and cleanse energy. It helps to release worry and restores our sense of purpose and openness.


I recommend diffusing them in a cold air diffuser which gently releases the aroma into the atmosphere without depleting the efficacy of the oils by heating them. Place 4 drops cedarwood, 2 drops eucalyptus and 2 drops of juniper into the diffuser and allow to waft gently through the space. Take a few minutes to inhale and exhale fully and deeply.


Scent will immediately bring you into the present moment, giving you a moment to pause. We say it to one another “stop and smell the roses”.

Take time to enjoy all of the wonderful scents and sights out in nature this month and bring some of that back inside as a reminder to take time out in every day to stop, regroup, breathe….and then begin again, refreshed and renewed.

August Blessings



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