SAMHAIN – A time of change, of helpful friends, harvest and travel



I am sure many of your are feeling the acceleration of energy at this time of year, it is a busy time of harvest and gathering before winter settles in.

In Feng Shui we associate the metal element with this energy of contraction. The movement of metal is inwards, gathering, hence the association with gathering crops, people coming together etc are associated with this energy. Circular and round shapes hold this metal energy of contraction and gathering in.

The first area of the bagua (energy template we place over the floor plan) associated with the metal element is northwest – helpful friends, mentors and guides. This area will benefit from some extra attention at this time. To begin with, do a clean sweep, just like mother nature (shed anything you are ready to let go of).

Once this is done look at the area of “helpful friends” in your life. Do you have a support system that you can rely on and are you equally there for others in your life when they need support? Also associated with travel, this area is associated with masculine, archetypal father or Heavens energy. It represents visible and invisible means of support and guidance. It also represents philanthropy and our willingness to help others.

To enhance the energy of philanthropy, keep a metal bowl in this area of your home and empty your loose change into it at the end of every day. when it is full, gift the money to your favourite charity and begin again. This creates a seamless reciprocal flow of energy in and out, sharing your blessings.



Organise a gathering, do a collage of photos of your friends, family, guides and mentors (living and in spirit) and display it in this area of your home, to remind you of your connection to your support system.

On 31st October we will celebrate Halloween. This was a time when our ancestors gathered round a bonfire, to celebrate the year that had passed and cleared out any excess in readiness for going within – using the deep quiet of winter to plan for the year ahead.

Samhain is the celtic festival  marking the end and the beginning of the year – marking a period of rest and regeneration in preparation for the new year to come. This is a time of communication with the ancestors, of going within and recognising our unique place in the continuum of which we are all a part. A time for deep journeys within, to connect to our inner wisdom. Our ancestors welcomed the darkness, as a necessary blanket, under which, the seeds of the new year could germinate.

The lighting of fires and bonfires and even now, the symbolic lighting of candles inside carved pumpkins, symbolise the light within, which burns throughout this time of darkness and renewal.

Take some time this month to do a clear out of what you no longer wish to carry forward into next. Make a point of gathering with “your tribe”. Those friends, family and mentors,  who you view as your support system.

Samhain Blessings

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