Space Clearing Method

The method of space clearing

Space clearing, cleanses and uplifts the atmosphere of a space. It is an energetic “spring clean” and infusion of joy to the pervading atmosphere, improving well being.


There are many many approaches to clearing spaces. We all need to find the way that feels right for us. However, there is a common thread we can follow:-

  • First open a window in each room to allow the energy you are clearing to be released as you work
  • Using sound to shift the particles of energy which have become stagnant in our environment. The vibration of everything that has gone on in a space can become stuck like so many cobwebs in the atmosphere of our spaces, leaving them feeling heavy and sluggish. Many people use a bell or a drum for this purpose, working around the circumference of a space. Others use chanting or clapping; essentially we are trying to shake the energy up, like shaking out a rug to release dirt and dust which has become embedded in its fibres.
  • Next cleansing the space with some incense; this will be a personal choice. We can use resins, dried herbs, leaves or natural stick incense for this purpose. Use only pure and natural products which do not have synthetic ingredients or perfumes. Frankincense resin is especially beautiful for this purpose as it is emotionally calming and uplifting, grounding restorative and centering in its energy, it imbues us with a sense of inner strength. Deeply healing, the word Frankincense comes from the old French word “franc” meaning pure or free and the latin word “incensum” meaning to kindle; “To kindle purity/freedom”
  • The purpose here is to use the smoke from the incense to cleanse the energy particles that we have “shaken up” with the sound reverberation.

  • In order to focus our attention on our intention for this clearing, repeat a mantra, or an affirmation while cleansing the space in each room. For example:

“I freely and easily release the old and joyously welcome the new”

From Louise Hays book You can heal your life.

  • Having moved through each room, first with sound and next with incense, the final stage is to imbue our homes with positive energy, to draw in whatever it is we wish to invite into our lives at this time.
  • Enter each room infusing it with a positive frequency. This can be done by spraying the space with  holy/blessed or positively charged water. Or we can create a space clearing mist by infusing this water with aromatherapy oils chosen for their particular gifts. This will be connected to our original intention:-

* for grounding, anchoring and physical strengthening; try a root oil such as vetivert

*for centering, stabilising and spiritual strengthening try a wood oil such as cedarwood

*for healing, protection, for deep stillness and reflection; try a resin such as frankincense

*To create more space to breathe and expand, releasing anxiety to allow creativity to flow; try a leaf oil such as eucalyptus.

* For abundance, emotional support, balance, love and heart healing; try a flower oil such as lavender.

*For inspiration, revitalising, creativity and self expression; try a fruit oil such as orange.

You can create your own unique blend for this purpose, the possibilities are endless.

NB After space clearing, as with physical spring cleaning, we need to cleanse our own energy by showering using a salt scrub or having a salt bath and changing our clothes to clear any energetic “dust” or stagnant energy which may linger in our own energy field after doing clearing work

Doing some space clearing periodically will keep the energy light and moving. It is also useful whenever we feel stuck in a rut and wish to transform some area of our lives. En-joy!



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