Space Clearing with sound and scent tapping into the ritual of this ancient practise

Space Clearing with Sound and Scent Feng Shui Design Edel Cleary

Space Clearing with Sound and Scent is an ancient practice which has a very profound impact on our environment.

The ritual use of sound vibration and sacred scent is a very ancient yet profound method of facilitating change. Bringing us into the present moment, sound and scent allows us to focus our intention on what we wish to release and what we wish to initiate in our lives.

The importance of ritual

The first and most important step is to create the space and time to carry out this ritual with focused intention. Mindlessly swishing around a smudge stick will have very limited impact.

Designing a full ritual or ceremony with many layers, setting your intention and then creating sacred space to carry it out will have a much more profound and lasting impact.

Space Clearing Methods

There are many methods of space clearing which involve a layered approach of

  • Agitating stagnant chi/energy to get it moving.
  • Clearing or cleansing the atmosphere,
  • Opening the space up to invite in new fresh vibrant chi.

Bells or drum: sound is used to ripple sound waves into the space, shaking up its energy on a vibrational level. Reverberating sound through a space shakes up any stagnant or dense chi, like shaking out a rug to get rid of dust or debris.

Incense: used for millennia by religious and spiritual groups in the form of ritual prayer, the smoke of incense carries with it our prayers or intentions, which are inhaled up into the heavens, where spirit hears our prayer and exhales blessings back into our world. 

Spotlight on Space Clearing April 16th 9am to 10am

There are many styles and types of space clearing and in this coming months spotlight class on the 16th April (the full moon)  we will explore some of the different methods and materials we can use for this purpose.

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