Staying positive in challenging times – grounding your energy for stability and balance

Grounding your energy is a great way to reconnect to your stable centre.

In challenging times like these it is easy to feel destabilised and disconnected. Grounding your energy into your space and working consciously to create a positive atmosphere will support your energy and that of your loved ones in these challenging times.

Taking some time in (even a few minutes) several times a day to stop, sit quietly and breathe helps to release pent up tension and anxiety. If possible do this outdoors or at least at a window so that you can breathe in some fresh air and hear some sounds from nature.

Sit and catch a ray of sunshine to boost your chi!
(image from the little dog laughed)

Grounding exercise

Sit upright in a chair, or on a mat and imagine your energy rooting down into the earth, visualise roots from the souls of your feet, burrowing down deeply into the earth.
Breathe deeply visualising the stabilising force of mother earth rooting you deeply, feel this energy moving up through your feet, legs, torso and arms, up through your head and out through your crown chakra like the branches of a tree reaching up and out, expanding your energy.

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