Summer, creativity and having fun!

Feng shui, Summer, Creativity and Having Fun!

What does your inner child want to do today?

As children, our long summer days were full of possibilities. Lots of fun to be had, doing whatever we liked, with no fixed schedule. As adults, we rarely afford ourselves that luxury. Days off are filled  with “to do” lists which often don’t include anything creative, fun or frivolous. However, this makes our lives somewhat robotic and repetitive and often uninspiring. Feng Shui is concerned with creating balance and experiencing more joy, so that we can  relax and be less stressed and have some fun!
This month, I suggest connecting to your creativity; your second chakra – your creativity and pleasure centre.

Schedule FUN and creativity into your day; yes! every day, even just for 15minutes. It will reap huge rewards in every area of your life.

In feng shui the area generally associated with this energy is West/creativity area. The element is metal and in the I ching it is associated with “youngest daughter” (Tui) Lake energy. Its essence is reflected beauty.



Associated with imagination, the arts, music and anything, which gives us pleasure. It represents our sensory organs of taste, smell, touch, sight, and hearing. In particular, fragrant blossoms, glistening ponds, delicious desserts and harmonious music enhance this energy.

Look at ways to stimulate all of your senses by introducing beautiful scents, colours, textures and sounds into your environment.

Some essential oils which work well for this purpose include:



  • Citrus oils such as orange and petitgrain add a zesty playfulness to the environment.
  • Grapefruit aids in letting go of indecision and procrastination and is clarifying, releases tension and heavy feelings and allows us to feelclarified and refreshed.
  • Chamomile (roman or german) restores calm control and a sunny disposition
  • and last but by no means least;
  • Melissa(Melissa officinalis – lemon balm) often referred to as “the elixir of life” it is said to restore serenity and innocence.

Experiment with a blend of some of these oils or just one – whichever you are drawn to and fill your space with joy this month!


Another way to easily open yourself up to creative possibilities is to create a vision board.

Simply cut out images and words, sentences and arrange them on a board to remind yourself of what you would like to have more of in your life.

You can take coloured pencils and markers and literally “draw in” whatever  you would like to enjoy this month.

No limits here, just play with it!


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