Summer solstice 2021

Happy Summer solstice 2021

Here  we are again at the mid point of the year, finally moving out of lockdowns and back to some semblance of normality again. Those of you who joined me for the spotlight on health and balance class on Saturday last, will have begun the process of releasing that which no longer serves in order to invite in revitalising chi at this tipping point of the year.

We have a real opportunity this week to be specific an setting out our intentions for the second half of the year. With the full moon in Capricorn on Thursday 24th inviting us to be detailed and specific in terms of grounding and balancing ourselves and planning ahead.

In our spotlight class last Saturday we focused on enhancing the central core of our homes to release stressors and reignite our vital chi. We tuned in to our own energy fields listening to our bodies noticing what areas needed attention and balancing at this time and then focused on cures and enhancements for this area of our home, finishing up with a connecting deeply to the energy of our homes as our outer skin, releasing any stagnant chi and inviting in our own unique blend of energy to enfold ourselves with in our homes.

My favourite enhancement for this central area of the home is to place an aromatherapy diffuser here. Given that this is the central core of our home, we will pass through it most regularly. This allows scents dispersed here to have maximum impact. Scent immediately influences our limbic system, setting our emotional tone. Three oils which I have found particularly beneficial here include:-

Chamomile (matriarca recutita)   allows for new growth and the blossoming of our potential. It is said to nurture the soul and bring joy to the heart. Its scent is sweet and dry with an apple-like tinge and offers support in times of difficulty. 

Lemon (citrus limon) Fresh and crisp, lemon is excellent when feeling sluggish or stuck in a rut.  Its scent is said to stimulate our immune system and  to expand our energy, promoting a sense of opening up to possibilities. 

Frankincense (boswellia carterii)  has a resinous, pine-like and lemony scent and encourages healing and restorative on all levels being calming,  grounding and supportive. It enhances health and wellbeing and supports our immune system.

Continuing our summer spotlight classes on July 17th with our spotlight on Clarity, recognition and the full blooming of our potential. Our class runs from 9am to 10am to book your place click here. 

In the meantime, I wish you a very happy and healthy summer solstice!



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