Surround yourself with what you love – cultivating creativity

As we move into another lockdown for the next six weeks, it seems appropriate to look at ways to reduce our stress levels and introduce more joy in small but effective ways into our daily routines.

It’s the 10th anniversary of Brené Brown’s “the gifts of imperfection” and she has produced an updated book and audio book in celebration. I love audio books especially when infused with such personality as Brené’s. In this book she recommends introducing laughter, dance and song into every day as an excellent antidote to stress, allowing our bodies to relax and release tension.

Make a playlist

I took up her recommendation to make a playlist of songs that I find fun and which encourage me to get up and dance and sing along. Playing this as I go about making meals and cleaning up around the house makes these day to day jobs so much more fun and actually sets me up to feel much better throughout the day. Try it for yourself – even choosing the songs is a lot of fun to begin with!

Laugh every day

Make a concerted effort to watch something funny on TV instead of tuning into the constant stream of news and current affairs shows which can repeat on a loop throughout the evening. The difference this makes to our immune system is exponential, the more we do fun things, the more stress we release and the more balanced we will feel.

We can all relate to the “busy being busy” syndrome, let’s face it there is always another job to be done. But especially at this moment in time, it’s important to schedule in a little time for frivolity and fun. Creativity and play are essential to boost our second chakra energy – our centre for feeling joy.

Get Creative

The area of the bagua associated with joy and creativity, children and play is a great space in our homes to remind ourselves to invite our inner child out to play. (the western sector if using the compass school approach or the middle right hand sector of our home as we stand at the front door looking in).  Associated with the future, this is the area where we dream the big dreams for the future, and the best way to access this energy is to remove the constraints we set on ourselves when we compare our creative abilities to those of others.

We are all inherently creative, we may have been told at some point in our lives that we are not as artistic or talented as someone else and so we buried our talents in favour of something more “sensible”.

This month, I challenge you to schedule in some fun every day, make a playlist of your favourite songs which lift you out of your seat to dance. Sing them at the top of your voice, dance like no one is watching and release some of the tension that inherently seeps into our energy field even when we are not conscious of it. Its a really good way to sneak in some extra exercise too.

Choose a creative project, maybe something you loved to do as a child: carving pumpkins, colouring, painting, crochet, baking,  whatever would bring you most joy. Think of something that you enjoy doing so much that when you do it, time just disappears.

Infuse your space with joy

Diffuse some essential oils in your home to lift your mood. Citrus oils are wonderful to cut through tension and lift energy. Choose your favourite from orange, grapefruit, lemon, lime or mandarin, they all contain a component called d-limonene which helps activate white blood cells and is immune supportive as well as being uplifting. Personally, I find the scent of Grapefruit adds such sunshine to any space it’s diffused in. It offers an uplifting and anxiety-relieving aroma, it cuts through indecision and exudes happy outward energy. En-joy this time of retreat, go with the flow, tune in to what you need to do to feel good. Surround yourself with what you love, ask yourself what brings you more joy and do more of that!

Be well, stay safe and have a little fun every day!
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This year has offered a different way of being, connecting and communicating. Many of you joined me from the spring equinox to the summer solstice via zoom every Saturday morning. It was a wonderful way to stay connected while being apart.

On the 5th of December from 10am to 1pm we will have a morning integrating aromatherapy with feng shui and healthy homes. Filling our homes with healing scents and learning how to make some simple cleaning products and body nourishing products to carry us through the winter. We will look at essential oils to support the various areas of the bagua and also learn which oils can support our body, mind and spirit and enhance our sense of well being. Make some wonderful home made gifts for friends and family, just in time for Christmas!

For the month of January, I have set out our foundation level training over four consecutive Saturday mornings so that we can slowly fold the layers of feng shui design into our homes and have time to return each week and ask questions and share experiences as we work through the process of applying feng shui to our living spaces in preparation for the new year ahead.

In February, we will spend a morning going through the changing energy for 2021, looking at 9 star ki for ourselves and the overall energy for the coming year. Each year over a cycle of 9 years our energy subtly shifts and changes, 9 star ki enables us to go with the flow of these changes, understanding how to support our personal energy and in making adjustments in our homes to support our energy for the year ahead.

March 2021 at the Spring equinox we will hopefully be able to return to in-person workshops and we have scheduled this weekend as an excellent time to tap into the energy of a tipping point of the year when we move into a period of growth and emerge again after the quietude of winter.

Feng shui design foundation level training in 2021

We have reduced numbers in our in-person trainings to fully comply with social distancing and to allow us to come together while staying safe.

Virtual feng shui design consultations currently ongoing, send me an email for full details.

Onsite consultations for further details send me an email or call 086-2719292

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