Symbols of protection

Symbols of protection


In every culture there is a tradition to place symbols of protection at the entrance to the home.

In Ireland, we have the tradition of placing a Brighids cross above the door to symbolise balance, healing  and protection.

Legend has it that, preceding the Celts, the Tuatha de Danaan, the children of Dana the mother goddess, came from doomed Atlantis to Ireland.

They brought with them the four sacred tools from the four cities of Atlantis: the sword of Truth from Findas, the city of the East, the spear of light from Gorias, in the South, the cauldron of plenty from Murias in the West and from Failias in the North, the stone of destiny.


Brighid, daughter of Dana was the uniting force of the Danaan as they settled in their new home in Ireland.

She brought the gifts of healing, poetry, writing and smith-craft and her healing grace. Brighid infused the hearth-fires with her warmth and light and the springs with her healing grace. She set up centres all over Ireland to train her priestesses in the healing Arts to serve the people.


The symbolism of the Brighids cross represents the four elements and the four cities of Atlantis with Brighid spiralling at its centre being the unifying force. She is a symbol of compassion and healing. It is, in fact, a spiral, symbolising dynamic balance, a perfect addition above the front door of the home.

On February 1st we celebrate Brighids day with the cutting of reeds to make a new Brighids cross for the home.

*Information on Brighids cross legend from Brighid’s Healing, Ireland’s Celtic Medicine Traditions by Gina McGarry




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