Whats in an entrance?

Whats in an entrance?

Whats in an entrance?

In feng shui we place particular focus on the entrance to our homes and businesses. It is considered vital to have a space in front of the entrance for energy to “pool” creating a ming tang or bright hall, a transition space between the outside world and our inner sanctum.

Having the entrance brightly lit, well maintained and with the number and name clearly marked is essential. Them having some colourful plants to give the space some life-force is excellent. But can you have too much of a good thing?

While it is important to have the entrance bright and well kept, if there is so much planting surrounding the entrance that you have to “pick your way through” then this will constrict the flow of people and chi into your space. Balance is what is required.

Ensure that you have space for people and energy to gather, it is even more ideal if you can afford them some shelter as they gather at the entrance before entering. Pillars, pots or planters can be added either side of the door so that you “step out” in an embrace to welcome people and energy into your space.

Having a change of material underfoot also provides a reminder as you step onto a different surface that you are now entering a different energetic space here. Colour, shape and proportion all have their own energy.

In feng shui we also look at the significance of what direction your home faces and how that relates to your own individual energy. We each have four better/more auspicious directions for our front door to open onto in order to draw in beneficial chi or energy. Learn more about this on our two day foundation training in feng shui design. 

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