Winter Solstice Blessings

 December 21st Winter Solstice Blessings

The Winter solstice is a great time to reassess how things are going for us. It is the darkest and shortest day in the northern hemisphere. However, it also marks “the return of the light” as the earth turns on its axis and the days slowly but surely begin to get brighter and longer.

This year there is a very rare convergence on the 21st, Jupiter and Saturn will appear to sit so closely together in the night sky that they will look like one radiant point of light, a “Solstice star/Christmas star” apparently this is the “closest” they will appear together in the sky in 800 years.

Setting intentions; a solstice ceremony

This is a great time to set our intentions for the coming year. Spending some time focusing on what we wish to let go of, and what you wish to draw in for every area of our lives creates a “reset button”. It is best to set up a small ceremony around this, taking time to consider each part of our lives (see guide below) write down our intentions, set them in two separate lists, one of things, ways of being, relationships etc that we are ready to release, and the other a list of what we would like to enjoy more/draw in for the coming year. Take the “release” list and burn it safely with some incense/dried herbs. Take the second intentions list and place it in a red envelope and put it in a place of prominence where you will see it every day, as a powerful reminder of your intentions.  

Learn More about feng shui design for you and your home

Spending more time at home and for many of use, working from home has forced us to look more closely at our surroundings. The impact of the colours, textures and layout of our homes came sharply into focus. Feng shui offers an energetic perspective on all of these aspects of our homes and provides a framework to layer onto the interior design which makes it deeply personal and as a result much more supportive. If you wish to delve deeper into this, I will be running our foundation level feng shui design workshop online over four Saturday mornings in January where we can delve deeply into our own personal energy and that of our homes, connecting the two so that we have a deeper sense of belonging and support in our living spaces.

Be proactive

In order to tap into our creative energy and be pro-active in all areas of our life it can be wonderful to periodically do the following exercise: create our own vision board.

Take a large piece of paper and divide it into nine sections, reflecting each area of our lives. 

Onto this page we can paste, cut-out images and phrases from magazines or write words and affirmations that truly reflect what we are trying to create in that area of our life. Louise Hays’ book “you can heal your life” for example, is filled with affirmations to get started, or write one that is personally more applicable.  

We can use coloured pencils or paints to draw something into each area if you feel so inclined. The object of the exercise is to remove the limitations we set ourselves and imagine we can create anything we want by simply focusing our intention there; we are only limited by our imagination. Display this artwork somewhere where we will see it daily, so that we are
reminded of our hopes, dreams, and aspirations every morning as we start our day.


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