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2023 Being in your element with 9 star ki

Begins Saturday January 7th 2023 10am to 1pm ONLINE Class fee €45  


Feng shui design five element flow

Feng Shui Design – Going With The Flow Integrating Feng Shui and 9 Star Ki




Maximise the energy of 2023 by layering in your own personal energy (your 9 star ki) with feng shui for your home. Bringing together both the aspects of place and time. 

A 3 hour class on understanding your own elemental signature and how best to support your personal energy with feng shui.

9 star ki Astrology Originated in early Chinese civilisation and has been redefined throughout the centuries. It looks at the energy of the earth, which gives rise to the soil, landscape and the water, and Heavens energy, which is seen to determine our seasons and climate.

The Year we were born, and the one we occupy in any given year, are said to be influenced by the cycle of these energies and it is this, that we look at, in the study of our 9 star ki numbers/stars. We use 9 star ki as a “navigational tool” as our lives change and progress throughout our lifetime.

Where Feng Shui deals primarily with space, 9 star ki deals with time. Understanding what type of energy our personal energy is impacted by each year in a cycle of 9 years allows us to navigate our journey in life with greater ease.

Some years our energy is up and out and full of energy and other years our energy is more focused inward. In this workshop you will learn what energy you occupy this year and how to optimise feng shui in your home so that you can go with the flow, easily and effortlessly.


2023 marks a 4 energy year, a time when the energy will be fast paced. 

  • 2023 is a “4 energy year” in 9 star ki, also known as “movement without stability”. It is very important to ground your energy in this year, stay focused on your goals and not take on more than you can handle.  Learn what adjustments to make this year to tap into your best energy. 

  • The year of the water Rabbit in Chinese astrology, learn what that means in terms of the overall energy for this year

  • February 4th marks the beginning of the new year in 9 star Ki – Feng shui Astrology. Each year over a cycle of 9 years our energy changes and evolves. 9 star ki allows us to step into the flow of this energy curve, offering solutions to bring us into balance and support future growth. 

With 9 star ki we learn how to open the door to the new energy & potential growth and abundance for this year.

Feng shui speaks to the importance of place and offers insight to our sense of groundedness and belonging.

 9 star ki speaks to the importance of the aspect of Time and helps us to tweak our feng shui practise.

Tapping into our 9 star ki – our own elemental signature.

  • Our personal energy flows in a 9 year cycle, each year our energy moves into a different “house” or type of energy. Some years our energy is fast paced, with lots of opportunities for new beginnings, other years will feel more quiet and introverted. We are each born with our own unique elemental signature.
  • This system is based on the LO SHU or magic square which appears in many traditional cultures in some variation or another. It is used as a way to explain the rhythm or patterns found in nature and show us how we can go with the flow with this natural dynamic balance. The “house” or type of energy we move into in any given year will have a specific interaction with our own elemental signature.
  • Learn which house your energy occupies in 2023 and how to maximise your energy for the year ahead.