Feng Shui

What is feng shui for
Feng shui deals with the energy of a space and how it moves i.e. does it feel stagnant or at the other extreme to fast-paced?

The words feng shui mean wind water and are used as a metaphor to describe energy and how we would ideally like it to undulate through our living and working spaces. A redesign of the layout of the furnishings, the additions of plants, proper utilisation of colour, ornamentation, imagery etc. and mitigating for environmental stressors such as emf, chemical pollution etc has a profound effect on well being, morale and as a result productivity.

My clients report a complete turnaround in atmosphere and job satisfaction as a result of applying feng shui to their offices.

Feng shui in Dublin, Ireland

Feng shui in Dublin, Ireland

Even more important is the feng shui of your home.
Your home should rise up to meet you and make your soul sing.

Everything you surround yourself with ideally will reflect back to you all of your hopes, dreams and aspirations – supporting their achievement. Unfortunately, many of us have become largely unconscious of those elements in our surroundings that are doing just the opposite i.e. dragging our energy down, making us feel overwhelmed and uninspired. The goal with feng shui is to have our personal environments imitate the balance and harmony found in nature. Thus making our spaces healthier, happier, more relaxed and therefore more successful spaces to occupy.

My feng shui services include:
feng shui for homes
feng shui for business
healthy homes 
space clearing
geopathic stress
clutter clearing
Property Staging
feng shui workshops and classes

Feng shui is about being pro-active in every area of your life utilising your environment to effect positive change.