Interior Design

 Edel provides interior design services for both domestic and commercial interiors:

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Interior design

As an experienced interior designer Edel provides a range of services for private homes and commercial premises. These range from a simple one-off colour consultations when redecorating, to advice when altering the proportions of a space.

Edel advises on space planning – making the most of your space, providing alternative layouts for the ideal use of your space and provide drawings where necessary.

Edel can offer advice at all stages of your design process  – consulting on initial plans, assiting with colour schemes, furnishing and flooring and window treatments to ensure that you have a coherent and practical design which is both practical and which reflects you and how you live your life.

Living and dining room layout feng shui design

Living/dining room layout feng shui design

Who are Edels clients?


In her practice Edel has worked with clients on projects as diverse as pubs, offices, GAA clubs, community centres, credit unions, car sales showrooms, retail outlets as well as private homes large and small and apartments for letting.

Your initial consultation with Edel, allows you to discuss your budget, and your wish list and requirements from the space, your preferred style etc. Edel will then advise you on how to bring together a complete scheme using your preferred material finishes.

Colour in interior design

Colour affects us on a physical, spiritual and emotional level. Often triggering emotions associated with particular memories.

The use of colour in our interiors has a direct and measured impact on our physical and energetic sense of balance and well being.

A red room has the effect of raising your blood pressure and increasing your body temp. Therefore if you are someone who is hypertensive or living through a very stressful time in your life, you probably don’t want to paint your bedroom red!

Blue on the other hand is a wonderful colour for calming and relaxing you – it is also excellent to promote communication. It is therefore an excellent colour to use in spaces where clear communication is required. Too much blue though can lead to feelings of melancoly – literally feeling blue. Its a finely balanced tuning of the energy of the occupant and that of their space that is required here.

We match your energy with your requirements from your space in order to choose ideal colour schemes to suit your individual needs and requirements. This added dimension to colour advice is invaluable in maximising how you feel as you live and work in your home/work environment.

Combining interior design and feng shui

Feng shui consultation Dublin Ireland

Feng shui design consultations with Edel Cleary accredited feng shui design consultant FSNI FSSA IFSG

How to combine your interior design with feng shui
Edel combines feng shui with interior design to offer holistic feng shui design consultations. When designing your space Edel ensures it is well laid out energetically as well as being aesthetically pleasing and practical. We pay particular attention to furniture placement, colour and orientation to marry your energy and requirements with the practical use of your space so that you are constantly being supported by your surroundings. Applying Feng Shui to your space has been described as being similar to having an acupuncture treatment on your body – it is balancing, at once energising and relaxing, bringing you back into alignment so that you feel centered, supported and uplifted as a result.

You benefit from Edel’s years of experience in implementing feng shui design in a wide variety of different interiors. Her expertise in bringing together all aspects of your interior. layout, lighting, fabric, furnishings and material finishes allows you to optimise your living and working spaces and have them reflect you and how you work, rest and play!  More about feng shui

Edel offers feng shui design consultancy for:

Home design
Office design
Shop design


Contact Edel for interior design services  mobile/text/Whatsapp +353862719292 or landline +35318324153 or email me