Supporting ourselves through change

Changing with the times, going with the flow

Change is the only constant in life, everything changes. The obvious changes that this year has brought to us all aside, our lives today probably look quite different to how they looked ten years ago. However, if our environment does not reflect this by growing and changing with us on some level, we remain vibrationally stuck in the past. This makes it difficult to break free of old patterns and redundant ways of being.

Making a change externally has an immediate impact on our inner world. We all feel the shift in energy when we decorate our homes for Christmas for example, and again when we take down the decorations in January. There is a palpable shift in the energy, our homes feel radically different which impacts on our physical energy and our mood.

Analysing how we wish to live, moving forward, where the focus of our lives will be for the next five years, say, will give us a starting point for what we now require from our homes to support us on our journey. Perhaps everything is just fine, in which case, job done!

If not, then we can look at small changes we can make to begin with. That ornament or picture that was gifted to us, perhaps that we never really loved (or even liked!) which is hanging out in our living room, like an uninvited guest overstaying their welcome. Move it on, clear it out and make some space for something new and vibrant to come in.

Shifting the focus

Shift the focus in your living room from the TV to a beautiful image or vase of flowers; this will focus your energy on your inner world rather than giving dominance to the world at large. All too often the TV is the focal point of the living room by virtue of its size and positioning it can become like an altar to which we must subjugate our lives. If we position the TV above our eye level when we are sitting, then we force ourselves to constantly “look up” to it, giving it a greater dominance over our lives and our free time than it perhaps merits. The scale of the TV relative to the room will also give it lesser or greater dominance symbolically in our lives.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good TV series as much as the next person, but this as with all other things, needs to be in balance to how we wish to live our lives. Allowing our connection with ourselves and with our loved ones to be the overriding influence in how we lay out and orient the seating within our living spaces, symbolically makes gives precedence to our connection to each other and to our homes, and most importantly to whatever brings us most joy, over the intrusions from the outside world.

Setting the tone

Our entrance hall is where we get to set the tone, this is like the handshake (or bearhug) we are met with on entering. Expressing who we are in terms of our personality, setting out our stall, in the entry to our home will immediately support us as we arrive home to ourselves.

In order to set the tone and support our energy especially through times of change and transition we can diffuse essential oils to support our energy on a physical, mental and emotional level.

Supportive Diffuser blend

3 drops of Bergamot (citrus bergamia) an essential oil cold pressed from the rind of the bitter orange fruit. (Therefore always buy organic for preference to avoid oils from the rind of fruit which has been chemically treated). Lemony, peppery and herbal in scent, bergamot has anti-depressant and anti-anxiety qualities, it is relaxing, calming and restorative. It lifts our spirits and helps reduce insomnia. (Do not use on the skin if you are going to be exposed to sunlight as it is highly phototoxic). It has the ability to move stagnant energy built up over time when we can experience frustration, anger and ultimately feel quite stuck in the mud. It helps us to relax and let go becoming more spontaneous. (Gabriel Mojay Aromatherapy for healing the spirit; Gaia books 1997)

2 drops of Cypress (Cupressus semperverins) woody, resinous and balsamic, cypress is distilled from the cones, twigs and leaves of this plant. Very therapeutic for use in times of overwhelm, it has been described as being like “a friend holding your hand through troubled times”. An excellent oil for times of transition in life, it is soothing when we are feeling overwhelmed.

2 drops of Marjoram (origanum majorana) warm and herbal this oil also has spicy and woody notes. It is perfect to relieve stress and tension and support self-care. Sweet nourishing and balancing, it can aid us through times of chronic lethargy (caused by prolonged stress) and nervous exhaustion.A distillation of mother earths compassion, marjoram shows us “the joy of the mountains” (Gabriel Mojay Aromatherapy for healing the spirit; Gaia books 1997)

Diffuse in a well-ventilated room, if very young children, immune compromised or weak individuals or animals are present half the amount of oil used in the diffuser. Always ensure animals can leave a room where oils are being diffused, their sensitivity to scent is much greater than that of humans.

Treat yourself to an online workshop discovering how to infuse your home with essential oils to improve its feng shui and cleanse and uplift your body, mind and spirit.

Join us for an online workshop on December 5th from 10 am to 1pm for a morning of exploring Fragrant chi. Learn more about how to use essential oils in the home to support your energy and immune system and how to make natural alternatives for cleaning products, air fresheners and body care products.


The autumn equinox; a time to harvest and release this years growth, and plant our intentions for next year

The Autumn equinox marks another tipping point for the year. A time to harvest the growth from this year, savouring its fruits and to release that which no longer serves us. This is the time of year when mother nature reminds us that the time of growth is slowing and the time to relax and let go is here.

Mirroring this natural rhythm, this is a great time to look around at what we have “grown and harvested” this year. Appreciating all of the fruits that this year has brought and letting go of anything which now no longer serves.

Follow the example of the trees, now beginning to release their leaves, and have a clear out. This makes room to plant some new intentions,  for next years growth. At this time of year we generally plant bulbs for spring, folding the earth gently over them, allowing her to nurture them over the winter so that when the wheel of the year turns again, this new growth will spring up full of potential for the new years growth.

Take some time to set your intentions for your future growth and transformation, what is it you would like to draw in going forward. Write down your intentions, and plant them into the earth in the same way as you would plant a bulb. You can even plant them beneath some bulbs. If you don’t have a garden, you can do this in a simple plant pot on a balcony or window ledge. Then relax in the knowledge that mother nature is doing what she does best, going with the flow. Drawing her energy in and down into her roots deep within the earth, nurturing and embracing the seeds for next years growth.

Plan how you will do this for yourself through the Autumn and winter, what seeds will you nurture and develop to facilitate next years growth?

Traditionally a time when the school year begins, a time to expand our knowledge and spend more time indoors, this is a time when we can really connect with the energy of our homes. Notice how each room feels, does any area feel cluttered or heavy. If so, take some time to clear things out, tidy away the summer clothes and shoes to make room for the autumn jumpers and boots.

Create a dedicated space to sit and tune in to your inner wisdom each day. Tune in to what you need to release, old patterns, ways of being etc. and open up some space to prepare for your future growth.

Spend some time in nature, listening and noticing the shift in energy. Tap into its rhythm and go with the flow.


This year has offered a different way of being, connecting and communicating. Many of you joined me from the spring equinox to the summer solstice via zoom every saturday morning.

This Autumn and Winter, I will be moving the foundation training online. Beginning on the 7th of November for four consecutive Saturday mornings from 10am to 1pm.

Then on the 5th of December from 10am to 1pm we will have a morning integrating aromatherapy with feng shui and healthy homes. Filling our homes with healing scents and learning how to make some simple cleaning products and body nourishing products to carry us through the winter. We will look at essential oils to support the various areas of the bagua and also learn which oils can support our body, mind and spirit and enhance our sense of well being. Make some wonderful home made gifts for friends and family, just in time for Christmas!

In the meantime, take some time outdoors, tune in and enjoy this turning point of the year and go with the flow!

Working from home – feng shui for the home office

In these challenging times it is even more important to ensure that we support our energy fully in our home office environment.  It is most ideal if we can position our desk so that we have our backs to a solid wall affording us a full view of the door and the window as we sit at our desks.

Positioning ourselves so that we are not in direct line with the door, but offset so that we have a diagonal view to the comings and goings into the room. You may wonder why this should be, why not put the desk against the wall and sit facing the wall? When we sit with our backs to the door in a home office or sit in an open plan space with your backs exposed to the rest of the room it feels uncomfortable, we throw up an awareness to what is going on behind us and therefore cannot fully settle in and focus on the work at hand.

A good quality office chair offers ergonomic support and its five feet offer maximum stability. If we are teetering on the edge of a stool or sitting in a dining room chair which was not designed for comfort for the long periods involved in working from home, we will experience physical and mental discomfort and stress.

Ideally we have sufficient storage so that we can tidy all of our paper work away at the end of each working day. Having a “clear desk” policy allow us to being each day from a fresh perspective. Tidying everything away at the end of our day, allows us to separate our work from our home life.

If we are constantly surrounded by our work, we can feel like we are never off, which is stressful in and of itself.

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What does “home” mean for you? The home we talk about when we discuss “feeling at home”

At this most unusual time, when we are being forced to spend even more time at home, it seems apt to stop and reflect on the question:

What does “home” mean for you?

The home we talk about when we discuss “feeling at home” or “making ourselves at home”, “home truths” or “home being where the heart is” is more than just the shell of a building and more than the individual things we surround ourselves with.

It is a construct, a feeling, almost a sense of re-membering; a rebuilding of an atmosphere, constructed by the gathering together, and layering, of all of the elements with which we choose to feather our individual nest.  Home is a space which strikes a chord in our soul memory. When we work consciously to create this, our home enfolds us in a bear hug of comfort, like a warm bath, it makes us exhale, relax, and release some of the tensions of the outside world. 

Our home is our outer skin, an outward expression of what is going on inside us. We can look around, taking in the colours, patterns and imagery we have surrounded ourselves with, and ask ourselves; what is my home reflecting back to me? 

In the creation of a true home for ourselves to “belong” in, we can explore how the colour, shape, scent, material finishes and the “atmosphere” of a space conspire to provide an individual “personality”. We are in close relationship with our homes, whether we are even conscious of that relationship or not. We are not separate from our environments, or for that matter, from each other. Our buildings are an extension of ourselves. Some would say that our surroundings are a metaphor for all that is going on inside us, mirroring our inner-most energy signature back to us, giving us the opportunity to work towards balance inside and out. 

As Winston Churchill said “we shape our buildings and thereafter they shape us”.


Colour energetics: Focus on Blue



The third of the primary colours, blue is considered a cool colour. Its effect is almost the opposite of red, it is cooling, calming and considered to relax the body and lower the body temperature, pulse rate and blood pressure. Although, as with all things, in overuse its effect will be the opposite. (Yin becomes yang at its extreme)



In feng shui Blue is associated with the water element symbolic of movement and flow. There are two distinct sides to this energy; one bubbly and effervescent and the other deep and brooding. Depending on the quality of the tint/tone/shade used and the quality of the light in the room, blue may evoke differing sensations.

In Decoration Blue can generally evoke a feeling of calm and sedation but if used indiscriminately can evoke feelings of melancholia or uneasiness and can be quite depressing in overuse. It can be seen as calming and serene or cold and unwelcoming, therefore, care should be taken with its use in an interior scheme. It can make a room seem cold so it should be used in combination with warmer colours to counteract this effect. Pale blues can appear cold but can also be used on walls, for example to make a room appear more expansive (like the “pale blue yonder” of the sky it evokes a sense of space). 

Strong blues can also be effective on walls and ceilings of bedrooms and dining rooms where they seem impressive and calm. While red is an expansive colour in terms of energy, blue is a contractive colour as it calms things down evoking a restful energy. 


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March 2019 Looking ahead to the spring equinox

spring equinox March 2019, a time to clear clutter inside and out to make room for the new growth of spring.

Traditionally this is the time of awakening after the long winter months, a time to celebrate new life, new beginnings  and the return of Spring. The spring equinox on March 21st marks one of the tipping points of the year, when we mark the equal length of day and night.

March of many weathers, as our mothers used to say has arrived blowing away the cobwebs of winter and bringing with it new buds of life and the promise of spring and summer to follow.

This is a perfect time to do a clean sweep both inside and out. Clearing away what no longer serves, making room for this years new growth. Take time to sit quietly and write out a plan for which areas need the most clearing, allotting times and days in which you can comfortably do this. Even allowing 30 mts per day, you will be amazed at the difference you can make.

Bring in some scented spring flowers and place them in the hallway to brighten up this space, welcoming in the promise of a new years growth, full of vitality. This will boost your energy as you face out into the world each day and as you arrive back home.

The entrance and hallway are vitally important areas in feng shui as this is where the energy of the outside world meets our own personal space. This space speaks volumes about who we are and sets the tone/atmosphere for our entire experience of the space.

In feng shui, the entrance given special attention and focus and is called the “ming tang” or bright hall. This is where we ideally create a  gathering space in which to pool energy, sometimes called the “dinner plate” from which we can inhale vital chi/energy through the main entrance or “mouth of chi” into our homes. This allows our homes to then be energised uplifted and in turn to be uplifting to our energy and subsequently energised all areas of our lives.


Creating clarity with feng shui.

Feng Shui provides a prism through which we can view this relationship between our inner and outer skins (our homes). We look at the energy of your space and how to make sometimes, subtle changes to have an immediate effect on any area of our lives.
Colour effects us on every level, emotionally, physically and spiritually. It is a powerful ally and a healing tool in creating atmospheres and a sense of well being in our living and working spaces.

In this workshop we will cover:

In this one day practical workshop you will learn:-

  • How each area of your home is resonating with a particular area of your life
  • Your home is a mirror, reflecting back to you whatever is going on in your life. For example, if you live surrounded by physical clutter, you will feel a stagnation in one or more area of your life.
  • Feng shui provides a system to create harmony and balance in all areas of your home which will reflect back into all areas of your life.
  • There are many “schools” or approaches to this wonderful subject, in this workshop  we will  guide you to choosing which approach works best for you.
  • Mirror the natural dynamic balance of energy found in nature into our homes and our lives
  • Dynamic balance involves an ebb and flow to each area of our lives, we will look at ways to align your energy with that of your home.
  • Our connection to our  homes is vital in order to feel protected and supported in life, feng shui provides a system to deepen that connection. Giving added meaning to the furnishings, colours and ornamentation we surround ourselves with.
  • Colour and the creative connection to manifesting the life you want with feng shui. The energy of each colour of the spectrum, discussing how it effects us on every level physically, emotionally and energetically
  • Feng shui involves creating a balance in the flow of energy to and through your space so that it will support your sense of well-being rather than become a source of stress.With balance comes the opportunity for improvement of your health, wealth and relationships.

Having originally worked in alternative health therapies and beauty therapy for many years, Edel became more and more fascinated by the effects of our environment on health and wellbeing. In the 1990’s Edel studied Interior Design at the Dublin Institute of Design and Feng Shui at the Feng Shui Network International in London. In the course of the past 20 years, Edel has delved deeply into the world of colour and its impact on our sense of wellbeing.

WHEN: 20TH OCTOBER 2018 10 am to 5pm
FOR MORE INFORMATION: Contact / 086-2719292


The importance of clearing clutter

In order to have good feng shui (energy flow) through our homes it is vital to first clear our clutter. 

This can be challenging. Clutter is emotional, representing the past and often old, stuck patterns and ways of being. 

Be gentle with yourself through this process. Take some time and weed through your belongings. Start by asking yourself “does this lift my energy or drag it down”  or worse yet, “does it have no resonance whatsoever?” 

Unless it is something which lifts your energy or which you find useful or beautiful then you can reclassify it as clutter. 

“Do not have anything in your home that you do not know to be useful or find to be beautiful” William Morris

Begin with the easy layers – FLAT SURFACES ARE NOT FOR STORAGE! Clear off worktops, table tops and dresser tops. The clarity this creates will give your energy a boost to keep going.  

flat surfaces are not for storage

de-clutter countertops for clarity

March 2018 Home is where the heart is

Home is where the heart is 

Connecting Heart and Home

When endeavouring to describe the essence of feng shui, and what it means for me, I have come to the core truth that it is about creating a deep and supportive connection between who we are and the space that we call home.

The HOME we talk about when we discuss “feeling at home” or “making ourselves at home” or when we discuss “home truths” or “home being where the heart is” is a concept, a feeling, a sense, an essence, if you will; etheric and intangible, yet very REAL.

Home is essentially a place deep within our soul memory, it may not even exist in this reality…
However, there are some places, some atmospheres, some experiences, which can instantly reconnect us, strike that familiar cord deep within. That feeling that grabs us and enfolds us in a bear hug of comfort and love. Like a warm bath, it makes us exhale, relax and release doubt, fear and tension. This, I believe, is the elusive “HOME” that we all seek.

So let’s pull on that thread and look at how we can deepen that connection in the spaces we currently call home…

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February – time to feather our nests

February, the time for nesting,

What better time to “feather our own nest”?
We are here, in this lifetime to enjoy being in relationship with ourselves, with each other and with our surroundings. Our first relationship in life, if we are so blessed, is with our mother. In feng shui this energy of relationships is actually associated with “mother energy” that primal energy of unconditional love.

The I Ching Symbol for this energy is KUN, also known as “the receptive” it represents divine feminine, mother energy. Some words to best describe this energy include: elegance, surrender, devotion, support, nurture,  mildness, softness, adaptability, vulnerability, loyalty, unconditional acceptance and kindness. Kun represents the practical world of growing and gathering food to nurture, ground and centre our energy, anchoring us into the physical world (Robert Sachs).


As Human Beings (humans being) what we all we need, at a primal level, is to feel loved, seen and heard, and nurtured. In tending then, to this area of relationships, this begins with having compassion for and loving, ourselves. Creating an environment in which we feel safe, supported and enfolded, feeds into this sense of belonging and acceptance.

It is part of the human condition to also need companionship. There is no use in having all of that abundance, health and creativity, if there is no one to share it with. Much of the joy we experience in life, if not all of the joy, is found in the sharing of our experiences and feelings.

In our homes, a key area to address, to enhance this energy, is the bedroom. Our bedrooms are where we retreat to for what I call the 3 R’s – Rest, Recuperation and Romance. Your bedroom needs to feel soft, nest-like, (mothering and nurturing). It should soothe the senses with soft, tactile fabrics, beautiful imagery, comforting scents and soft lighting. Fragrant homeliness is the order of the day. That safe pair of arms to run into after a day “playing” outside.

Ask yourself, what does that look like for you? More importantly, how would that FEEL for you! Feel the feeling first, then create that in your environment.
Be aware of the imagery and ornaments in this area of the home, it is good to have pairs of things here rather than solitary images. The last thing you see at night and the first thing you see in the morning impacts on your dream-state and how you feel as you begin every day. Go with your gut feeling for what feels appropriate to represent what it is you want to attract in your relationships. But remember, that you are also in relationship with yourself and support your own energy, first, here. What elements can you add to enhance your sense of being enfolded, protected and nurtured? Ideally, your bedroom should feel like a warm embrace.

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Feng Shui Journey- Flowing Forward

January Flowing Forward into 2018

                                                                                                                              This is the time of year when life has receded deep within the earth, and it appears on the surface as if nothing is happening. This is the primal state that precedes all growth. There is always subtle movement deep within. This is a space of deep thinking and knowing, of facilitating gentle flow on our journey through life.

The Element we associate with this time of year is Water. Water never stops flowing, the ocean never stops its movement and the river moves forward. It is soft and yielding, fluid on its surface but has great strength within.

In Feng Shui this energy represents our movement through life as well as our career or profession. It represents the way in which chi or energy ideally moves like flowing water – so that when things are going smoothly we can say we are going with the flow or conversely swimming against the tide. Water represents the freedom to do what we want to do – for life to flow easily and effortlessly with clarity and ease, on our journey/life-path.

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Samhain Blessings for November 2017

Samhain is the Celtic festival  marking the end and the beginning of the year. A period of rest and regeneration, in preparation for the new year to come. This is a time of communication with the ancestors, of going within and recognising our unique place in the continuum, of which we are all a part. A time for deep journeys within, to connect to our inner wisdom. Our ancestors welcomed the darkness, as a necessary blanket, under which, the seeds of the new year could germinate.

In feng shui we associate this energy of contraction with the metal element. On the bagua (energy template we place over the floor plan) this energy is associated with the west- creativity. This area will benefit from some extra attention at this time. To begin with, do a clean sweep, just like mother nature, shedding her leaves and fruit. (shed anything you are ready to let go of).

Then get creative! Why not do a “treasure map” of what you would like to draw into your life in the coming months”.

Take on a new creative project – just for the fun of it! Be joyful and child-like with this – do what feels fun to you!

Create a collage, do some artwork, take out your cookbooks and inspire yourself to create some new dish, for instance. In Ireland, this was traditionally the time of year our grandmothers made the christmas puddings and cakes, to allow them to mature in time for Christmas.

This area of the bagua represents imagination, the arts, music and anything, which gives us pleasure. It represents our sensory organs – taste, smell, touch, sight, and hearing. In particular fragrant blossoms, glistening ponds, delicious desserts and melodious music enhance this energy.
It carries the essence of lake energy which is reflective and deep.

The element associated with this area is metal which can be introduced by using the colour white, metal objects and curves or arches (which embody the contracting condensing nature of metal) to enhance this energy of creativity in your life.


Feng Shui Design Herkimer Diamond to enhance creativity


Crystals associated with the energy of this area of the bagua include:-



Herkimer Diamond – which is said to energise, enliven and encourage creativity.




Citrine -a gem associated with happiness, light and success.Warming and highly creative, it absorbs, transmutes and dissipates toxic energy or conflict. (Judy Hall – the crystal bible)

Feng Shui Design Citrine – Warming and highly creative, it absorbs, transmutes and dissipates toxic energy or conflict.








Essential oils to enhance this area of the bagua include:-

Feng Shui Design Orange essential oil has a sense of playfulness, develops creative awareness and is uplifting and cheering.


Orange Essential oil – Joy in a bottle!






Feng Shui Design Jasmin Essential oil, promotes psychological optimism.Jasmin Essential oil –


Jasmin Essential oil –

Jasmine can reawaken passion and restore a capacity for creativity for “fertility of the mind”.


Essential oils and crystals for Helpful friends area of the bagua

Many oils are useful to disperse in the helpful friends area of the bagua, such as …..

Lavender – clearing and balancing for all of the chakras. Associated with Love, tenderness and generosity, lending support, consolation and spiritual nourishment. Instills PEACE.

Oak Moss –  a lichen usually found growing on oak trees. A dark green and viscous liquid with an extremely tenacious aroma reminiscent of a damp forest floor.  The scent is uplifting, cooling, and calming.  Said to attract nature spirits and support from the earth elementals.

Linden Blossom- a sweet, floral, light green aroma. It is said to have the energy of flowing water, as though the angels have touched it. It is calming, protective and healing in nature, it is said to represent “love in action”compassion and caring.

Crystals which have a special affinity with this energy include:-

Hematite, which is particularly grounding and protective. This stone has a strong YANG energy and balances the body. (Judy Hall)


Topaz,  an “empathetic stone” which is said to bring joy and abundance. An extremely supportive crystal, topaz is said to help you discover your own riches, make you feel confident and philanthropic wanting to share your good fortune and spread sunshine all around). This stone has the capacity to see the big picture and the minute detail, recognising how the two interrelate. (Judy Hall)

Essential oils and creating an atmosphere for restful sleep



Use a cold air aromatherapy diffuser to diffuse essential oils for 20 mts before going to sleep. This scent then becomes a trigger to encourage an atmosphere of calm, conducive to drifting off to sleep.
                                                                          Lavender – creates a sense of peace and harmony, balances the chakras and activates the crown chakra and the connection with spirit. Said to release negativity and calms and stabilises the chi of the heart.
                                                                     Chamomile which is soothing, calming and particularly helpful where anxiety is inclined to make a person fretful.  It smoothes the flow of the bodies Chi energy and regulates the movement of vital energy helps to relax the nervous system. Its warm apple-like fragrance imparts a well known calmative effect.                                                       ALWAYS ENSURE YOU USE PURE AROMATHERAPY OILS RATHER THAN SYNTHETIC PERFUME OILS.

















Feng Shui for Bedrooms September 2017

Feng Shui and Bedrooms


“The Bedroom is where we retreat to for the most private aspects of our lives therefore it is crucial that we feel completely safe and at ease in this space. For many people it is the room in which they feel most secure; it is their earthly womb. “ – Bob Longacre


Obvious though it may seem it is worth mentioning that bedrooms should be uncluttered, well maintained, well ventilated and well lit.

Pay attention to your first impression upon entering this room. Does it feel private, safe, inviting, light, joyful? If not what elements can your remove/reduce and what might you add in, in terms of imagery, colour etc?

In general, soft neutral colours and muted accent tones work best in bedrooms. Avoid busy patterns and full chroma / primary colours as they are stimulating and do not allow the eyes to rest.

While we sleep our physical body rests and rejuvenates and our spiritual body expands into the vast spiritual realm that is our true home. Therefore this is when we can feel at our most vulnerable.

Therefore it is vitally important to pay close attention to the siting of the bedroom within the home, the positioning of the furnishings, EMF’s, geopathic stress, colour and materials in order to maximize the restful and regenerative function of this very important space.

Ideally the head of the bed needs to be backed up by a solid wall and not placed with the bed-head to the window which is stimulating and counterproductive to restful sleep. Having a solid wall behind the bed, a headboard and equal space on either side of the bed creates a sense of stability and balance.

The bed should be positioned with a commanding view of the door but not in line with it which can stimulate the occupants chi/energy leading to poor sleep and disharmony.

The bed should not be under a slanted wall which is said to bring slanted unforeseen outcomes and causes compressed, oppressive energy.

Have a feng shui consultant calculate your best direction to position the bed while sleeping. We all have 3 better directions to position the bed to optimise our energy while we sleep. If there is only one position for the bed due to built in furnishings etc, and this is not utilising one of your better directions, there is always a balancing element that can be added.

Now is the only time there is, here is the only space



Now is the only time there is, here is the only space.

Summer Holidays offer us the opportunity to step off the treadmill and press the pause button. For some, it can take a while for that steam train to slow down and come to a complete stop, unwinding can take longer depending on just how fast paced your life has been.

August is the month when the busy growth cycle has reached its peak and there seems to be a gently slowing before the autumn contraction begins again.

Take some time this month to just stop and take in your surroundings, take in how you feel, how your energy is, right here, right now.

Get out into nature if you can, sit in a quiet place and just be. Marvel at the miraculous detail in a single flower.

For just this moment there is nowhere else to be, nothing else to do.

Feng shui provides us with a system to measure where we are on that scale of expansion and contraction and make adjustments accordingly. However, often we need to first stop and take stock before taking action. The first step, before applying feng shui can be to clear out what we no longer need in our surroundings.

Just as we need to clear physical clutter from our spaces to allow room for change occur and new blessings to come in, we need to clear TIME and headspace, for ourselves to enjoy being present. Not racing ahead to the next appointment or planning the next day, week, month living in the future. Not looking back at what we could have done differently, living in the past. Now is the only place there is…

As you know I love to work with essential oils to create a shift, or a pause in atmospheres. They are natures gift for body, mind and spirit, allowing us to immediately establish ourselves in the present moment, and pause before taking appropriate action.

Three essential oils which can work together beautifully to create breathing space are:-

Cedarwood – a sweet, balsamic, woody aroma which is grounding, steadying and calming. It gives a cosy, secure and grounded, transforming difficult situations into a sense of spiritual certainty. It allows us to steady our energy in the moment.

Eucalyptus – a camphorous, piercing aroma with a woody and sweet undertone. It disperses stagnation, clearing our heads, boosts our immune systems, restores vitality, revives our spirits and gives us “room to breathe”.

Juniper – a fresh and woody aroma with a peppery note. One of the very first plants to be used by native peoples as a ritual incense. It was used by the Tibetans and Native Americans for ceremonial purposes. It has an ability to disperse and cleanse energy. It helps to release worry and restores our sense of purpose and openness.


I recommend diffusing them in a cold air diffuser which gently releases the aroma into the atmosphere without depleting the efficacy of the oils by heating them. Place 4 drops cedarwood, 2 drops eucalyptus and 2 drops of juniper into the diffuser and allow to waft gently through the space. Take a few minutes to inhale and exhale fully and deeply.


Scent will immediately bring you into the present moment, giving you a moment to pause. We say it to one another “stop and smell the roses”.

Take time to enjoy all of the wonderful scents and sights out in nature this month and bring some of that back inside as a reminder to take time out in every day to stop, regroup, breathe….and then begin again, refreshed and renewed.

August Blessings



July 2017 the fiery centre of the year.

Summer is in full swing, and we are experiencing lots of movement with people coming and going on holidays, barbeque’s and socialising with friends and hopefully, some time to sit in the sun and read a good book!

With that in mind, I would like to recommend a great new book on feng shui by a fellow feng shui consultant Mike Chester – the feng shui engineer. In his new book “Forgotten Feng Shui” Mike revisits the basics – energy flow and containment and the five elements in his own very practical, hands on and very down to earth style.
I have really enjoyed this excellent book and can recommend it to any of you as an excellent guide to read the chi/energy of your environment.

Many books out there on feng shui deal in theoretical terms which can be hard to decipher for the uninitiated and therefore difficult to relate to how the information might apply in everyday modern life. This book is an exception – it starts as it means to go on – on a very real note, with a story relating to someones reaction to Mike mentioning feng shui – they said “I dont believe in all that stuff!” and walked away! A common and unsurprising reaction when people have no understanding of just how practical and common sense and RELEVANT feng shui actually is to our everyday lives.

This book dispels the myths and brings things back to basics, explaining in everyday language and examples how energy moves and how it can be contained and benefited from in our modern homes. There are some excellent images to explain the theories making them very easy to follow and often very funny and therefore relate-able.

The five elements are brought to life with everyday examples of where they are experienced in our environments and how their energy modulates our response to spaces. Fascinating examples are shown to explain this information in a tangible and easy to grasp style.

Take some time to relax and go on a feng shui journey this summer, you will find yourself looking at your surroundings through a very different prism afterwards.

Relax and En-joy July!






Feng Shui Design – the essence of home

Can you believe its June already? On June 21st we will reach the mid point of the year – the summer solstice, the longest day of the year extreme yang, expanding energy. Then we begin the journey back again toward extreme yin, contracting energy on December 21st, the shortest day. Mother nature shows us that everything is a balance between yang growing energy and yin receding energy.

At the centre of this expansion and contraction we need to retain our own sense of centring and balance. In feng shui, the central core of our homes represents this central hub of the wheel of our lives. This is the stable centre from which balance radiates to every area of our lives.

This central core of our living space, is, therefore, crucial to radiating light and balance into every area of our lives. Keeping it free from physical and mental clutter (in the form of things to do, imagery which drags us down etc.) will set us free to enjoy lightness of spirit and joy.  This is where we have the opportunity to create focus vs confusion. Like the open palm of a hand ready to give and receive, this area needs to feel open and bright, ready for new possibilities to emerge. Space in which to breath-in new life and possibilities.

The essence of  the word “home” is a place of sanctuary, where we feel nested, supported and held. Having worked with aromatherapy oils for 30 years, I have found them invaluable in providing a sense of connection to space instantly. Scent brings you right back into memory, into feeling, connecting us with a particular emotion. It can transport us to another place and time. We all have personal associations with scent in the same way as we have with colour.

There are a myriad oils to choose from and it is important to find the right one for the right time, but there are a few that work particularly well in this area of the bagua in my experience. They include:-


This essential oil has been treasured almost since the beginning of time. Dedicated to the sun god RA in ancient Egypt, it has an association with the solar plexus chakra, at our central core – our “gut-reaction” centre. Sweet and dry with an apple-like tinge, camomile is warming and calming.

Fresh and crisp, lemon  is excellent when feeling sluggish or stuck in a rut. It was used in ancient times to perfume clothes and repel insects. Said to stimulate our immune system, it sharpens our focus, clarifies and uplifts. It brings in sunshine, joy and boosts self esteem,
lemon is uplifting and anti-depressant

To learn more about the use of essential oils to enhance the essential energy or feng shui of your home, join us in October for our workshop.


Abundance at Bealtaine May 2017

Blessings at Bealtaine,
Nature is bursting with potential at this time of year. This is the time of year when everything is blossoming and growing with tremendous energy. In feng shui this energy is associated with area 4 of the bagua – Abundance/fortunate blessings.
So how do you tap into this energy in your space and uplift this energy in your life? Read more here…

In classical/compass school feng shui this refers to the sector of the bagua oriented SOUTHEAST, warm breezes from the south east, in agriculture you need this breeze to grow a good crop and so to generate wealth. In western black hat sect bagua this refers to the rear left hand sector as you stand at the front door looking in to the space.

Also known as fortunate blessings, representing all forms of blessing, wealth, opportunity, invitations etc. This area represents the activity which supports you financially or sustains your influence or position. The element is wind/wood and colours used here may be green for growth or a small amount of purple or red to stimulate chi in this area.

Not only, the area of receiving money, but also, about having, and being conscious of,  good luck in every area of our lives i.e. good omens, harmony and health as well as prosperity. Being acknowledged by others in the form of gratitude, promotion or honours through trade associations are all associated with this energy.

Ensure that the chi/energy in this area is bright and light and free-flowing. Never allow the energy to become overly yin or to stagnate. Clear out any clutter, ensure that it is freshly cleaned and open the windows in this part of your home to allow a breath of fresh air to enter into this space for abundance in your life.

You can further uplift the energy by dispersing some essential oils either in a cold air infuser or spray bottle. Essential oils which may benefit this area of the bagua include:-

Vetivert – has a warm, rich and earthy fragrance with a slightly woody, almost lemony scent with a molasses like undertone.  This oil is very grounding, and is said to manifest money by bringing energy into grounded-ness, magnetising money. A great oil to use in times of overwhelm.

Melissa – Also known as Balm or Lemon Balm and cultivated as a “bee plant”, its abundant nectar helps to produce some of the very best honey. Its  local name in southern Europe is hearts delight and it has often been called the Elixir of life. It is said to unstop blockages in the energy between the solar plexus (our manifestation chakra) and heart chakra – allowing us to manifest our hearts desire, and to use money in a way that benefits everyone.

Basil also known as “the royal herb”, it has many popular names such as  joy of the mountains. It is associated with good luck and harmony. The leaves are heart shaped and a symbol of love in Italy. Basil stimulates the brain and is excellent to refresh your mental powers during a busy working or studying or for anyone needing to concentrate over long periods who then suffers from mental fatigue.

Ginger a pale amber liquid Aroma is pungent, warm and spicy. This is a very warming and stimulating, promotes self confidence, self acceptance and self awareness – key word is digestion. It is said to activate vibrancy and encourages blessings. It is excellent for procrastination, where you have very clear plans but lack the energy, drive and optimism to move on them. It is associated with long life and vitality.

WORKSHOP ON  The ESSENCE OF HOME – Feng shui, space clearing and the use of essential oils to cleanse and enliven your home is on July 1st.


Key Points for this area of the bagua:- 

  • Represents all forms of blessings, wealth, opportunity, invitations etc This area represents the activity that supports you financially or sustains your influence or position.
  • The wood or tree element (tall rectangular shapes, the colour green, tall leafy green plants, stripes, columns in architecture) is associated with this area of the bagua as is the element of wind (things that move in the breeze, wind ornaments etc) bringing with it the breath of new blessings into your life.
  • Not just the area for receiving money, but more about having, and being conscious of, blessings and good fortune in every area of our lives. Good omens, harmony and health as well as prosperity are all associated with this energy.
  • Wind ornaments, chimes, fans and mobiles can be used to enhance this energy.
  • Woodland imagery, tall leafy green plants, are useful in this area. Four leaf clover, has particular significance for blessings in this part of the world.
  • The water element supports this energy with the addition of water features, fish tanks, fish ponds, water imagery etc (think vibrant flowing water rather than stagnant ponds!)

Crystals which are useful in this area of the bagua include: Citrine and Jade.

En-joy this time of new growth and vitality!


Bealtaine – Celtic May festival – Festival of expectation.
Honoring the festivals of our ancestors connects us to this combined wisdom. Our ancestors knew that we are not separate from our environment. We are deeply connected to Mother Earth and her seasons and cycles. In connecting in with the cycles of the seasons we remind ourselves of the natural ebb and flow of energy that we are deeply rooted in. This turning point festival reminds us to take time to connect with what we wish to manifest in the new growth of this year.


Bealtaine Blessings,

The essence of feng shui

The essence of feng shui

The essence of feng shui is in creating a sense of connection to your living space, giving it a greater sense of “home”, a space of nurturing, enveloping and supportive energy.

Alongside the principles of feng shui, we also use space clearing, creating sacred space and the use of essential oils in the environment to cleanse, uplift and enliven our homes and workplaces.

On June 10th we will explore the essential alchemy of feng shui – First creating space. Through clearing out what is no longer supporting your true self, then cleansing and blessing the energy of your home, you create the space to draw in your pure potential.
Building on the foundations of feng shui, the alchemy of clutter clearing and the essential elements of space clearing, we explore the importance of creating space, opening a portal for what you wish to draw in.
Experience the use of sound, blessing herbs and essential oils to cleanse, bless and enrich your environment – your outer skin. Explore the importance of the “gap”, that sacred space between outbreath and in-breath, taking time to set your intention. This is the key, the central core of feng shui.
We will explore the use of essential oils in space clearing and to enhance the feng shui of your space. One essential oil which is wonderful to invigorate this energy in your home is Eucalyptus which “brings us a degree of expansion and considerable peace…. brings us back to sound values, is lively and original” …“very useful for recentering a scattered person”…and “helps us to reveal the best of ourselves” … “disperses negative feelings and gives us room to breathe” changes an atmosphere of “suffocation into one of expansive renewal”

In this workshop we will be delving a little more deeply, with 9 essential oils and their healing energy which can clear space and enrich and balance our energy and that of each area of our lives.

Allow yourself this time to pause, take stock and clear out fully. In order to embrace your space and ignite the spark of pure potential.

Embrace the Space for Pure potential – Exploring the essence of feng shui, creating the space for your life to unfold.

For more details Click here or email


Growth and Vitality – April 2017

We are officially in springtime. We can see the evidence of new growth and vitality in nature all around us. This is a time to ground your energy in order to stabilise yourself to support new growth in the coming year.

In Feng Shui we associate area 3 of the bagua with this energy of full on growth and vitality. In classical feng shui this refers to the sector of the bagua oriented EAST. In western black hat sect approach to feng shui this refers to the middle left hand sector as you stand at the front door looking in to the space.

This area is also known as family, ancestors and the past. You might wonder, then why it is also associated with new growth and vitality?

In order for a plant or tree to survive and thrive, it must first put down roots. We hold a close association between family energy and tree energy – “our family tree, putting down roots, the branches of our family”.

In feng shui we pay special attention to honouring and keeping this energy vital and fresh within our living and working spaces. In honouring and caring for our roots, our lineage and all of the elements that have combined to bring us to this point in our lives, we then stabilise our energy to prepare and support new growth and vitality.

Recently I was delighted to reconnect with friends from the area where I grew up, through a facebook page where people share photos and stories of their memories growing up. I got in touch with people who grew up on  the same road and from school days. Many of whom, I haven’t seen in over 30 years. The shared memories reconnected me to my roots and really reminded me that underneath we are all essentially still the same. We are all on the same journey, shaped by our experiences and by those with whom we have shared parts of the path along the way.  This area of the bagua reminds us that we are part of a lineage, all connected going back and moving forward.

This energy is associated with agitation, “the arousal” of energy, awakening from the winter. Often this energy appears as a bolt from the blue which stimulates us into action, that spark of inspiration. This energy represents the full force of spring, very dynamic, yang energy. It is essential to ensure a free flow of energy in this area of your home, to create a feeling of a fresh spring breeze representing a new day and fresh growth. It is also useful to have something in this area which reminds us of family and the past. We are anchored and stabilised by our past, by the fact we are a part of a long line of energy reaching back through our families, our communities and through our ancestors.

The colour associated with this area is green and the tree element. The plant most often associated with this area is bamboo as it grows quickly and easily, bends with the breeze and is very strong and supple, able to withstand all weathers.

One essential oil which is wonderful to invigorate this energy in your home is  Eucalyptus which “brings us a degree of expansion and considerable peace…. brings us back to sound values, is lively and original” …“very useful for recentering a scattered person”…and “helps us to reveal the best of ourselves” … “disperses negative feelings and gives us room to breathe” changes an atmosphere of “suffocation into one of expansive renewal”

In the east, this area is associated with the green dragon, rising out of the depths, reaching toward the sky. The Dragon has the essence of a young puppy, full of life, and youthful exuberance.

Clutter in this area of your space will keep you stuck in the past unable to move forward or begin anything new.

Take some time this month to Spring clean this area of your home, clear out anything which you no longer “find to be beautiful or know to be useful”. Refresh and renew the energy with some space clearing and some essential oils like eucalyptus and open the the windows and allow your space to exhale stagnation and inhale new life and vitality!


January 2017 – Being in your element

Ever wondered about the saying    “being in your element?

In feng shui, we pay close attention to the elements found in nature – water, wood, fire, earth and metal. In fact, we utilise these five elements as the basis for creating a natural flow of energy throughout our living and working spaces. But what about your own element? We are all born with a particular energy signature made up of a combination of three elements. This is the filter through which we live our lives, act and react and provides an indication of the subtle changes in our individual energy from year to year and month to month.
Surrounding yourself with elements which support your individual elemental signature can really boost your energy. For instance, if you are a metal energy individual, you might add more earth energy to ground and support yourself, and diminish the use of fire energy which depletes your personal energy.
Each year over a cycle of 9 years, our energy, changes subtly, moving from one element into the next in a cyclical flow. Therefore at times you will be literally “in your element” and at others “out of your element”. In our February workshop, we will look at the 5 elements in general feng shui terms to create a natural flow of the elements throughout your space. Then we will take it to a more personal and individual level, where we calculate our individual energetic signature and how best to support yourself in general and in this coming year in particular. Read more…

December Blessings 2016


What a year 2016 has been! Full of event and drama and blessings in all our individual lives and in the world in general. In my own life, it has certainly been a year of surprises and of returning of both people and experiences. People I have not seen for years have suddenly popped back into my life. Experiences, likewise have been repeated out of the blue. It is interesting though, how differently we view these experiences with the passage of time.
As our ancestors reminded us at Newgrange – life is a spiral, not a closed circle, we cycle forward gathering experiences and hopefully, some wisdom, along the way.

So that, when we encounter the “same” experience again, we have
the opportunity to do things differently.


As we arrive at the shortest day of the year, we are reminded of our journey from extreme yin, the shortest day, to extreme yang, the longest day and back again. Like the inhale and exhale of light from the universe, so we journey from expansion to contraction and back again. Take time now at the gap between out-breath and in-breath to pause and connect to your inner wisdom for guidance for the year ahead. I wish to take this opportunity to thank all of you with whom I have worked this year and those of you who have participated in workshops throughout the year – it has been a great pleasure to share the journey with you! Next workshop is on February 5th.

I look forward to spending time with you again next year and until then, I wish you every blessing for 2017!
Nollaig Shona agus Beannacht


October 2016 News

October greetings from Feng Shui Design

I am sure many of your are feeling the acceleration of energy at this time of year, it is a busy time of harvest and gathering before winter settles in. On 31st October we will celebrate Halloween. This was a time when our ancestors celebrated the year that had passed and cleared out any excess in readiness for going within – using the deep quiet of winter to plan for the year ahead.

Samhain is the celtic festival  marking the end and the beginning of the year – marking a period of rest and regeneration in preparation for the new year to come. This is a time of communication with the ancestors, of going within and recognising our unique place in the continuum of which we are all a part. A time for deep journeys within, to connect to our inner wisdom. Our ancestors welcomed the darkness, as a necessary blanket, under which, the seeds of the new year could germinate.

The lighting of fires and bonfires and even now, the symbolic lighting of candles inside carved pumpkins, symbolise the light within, which burns throughout this time of darkness and renewal.

On February 5th 2017  in our workshop -9 star ki and Feng Shui – We will discover more about your own personal energy signature and how best to support yourself within the energy of your home.

We are all born with our own individual energy signature, our filter through which we view and engage with the world. In this workshop we will delve into this inner energy, exploring how this is linked to our life path and how best to support our individual energy with feng shui in our homes.

Nine star ki enables us to recognise our core strengths and challenges which lead us to act and respond the way we do – with this increased self-knowledge, feng shui recommendations become more personal, dynamic and effective. – read more

Use this time of darkness, at Samhain, to draw your energy in and plan for the new beginnings you wish to invite for the year ahead, before the wheel of the year turns again in December and the light begins its journey back to us.

Wishing you all a very Happy Samhain and Hallow-e’en!
samhain 2016

September news 2016

SEPTEMBER 2016 accre

Hard to believe its September already! But here we are, and school is starting back for some and people in general are getting their autumn schedule in order.

There are still some places available for the Colour and Feng Shui workshop on October 1st where we will learn all of the basics of feng shui and how to apply it easily and effortlessly to your home and then we will layer in more detail on the use of colour in our environment from an energetic perspective.

Colour affects us all on every level, it affects our mood, our energy, our temperature and can bring us into memory affecting our emotional being.

Join us for a day to indulge your senses – we will explore the chakras, and in particular the second chakra and explore and enhance the feng shui area for joy and creativity in our environments.
At the end of the hustle and bustle of summer we begin to feel an instinctive urge to contract, simplify and reorganise our homes and our lives as we head into winter. Our energy focuses inward again, for some, this will involve study, for others a more quiet time of routine and order. We can only expand so far before the pendulum needs to swing back into contraction – this is the natural order of things.

Feng shui provides us with tools to put some order and balance into our living spaces so that they support and uplift us as we go about our lives. The process involves mirroring the dynamic (moving) balance found in nature into our homes and workspaces. In the autumn mother-nature begins to clear out the excesses of the summer – releasing and letting go of her leaves and fruit – the abundance of this years’ growth. She lets go and draws her energy in so that she can rest and recuperate before the whole process can begin again next year.

In feng shui we view our homes as our “outer skin” mirroring back to us what is going on inside. If our surroundings no longer reflect what we would like to have more of in our lives, then maybe it’s time to have a clear out – literally creating some clarity in our space and therefore our lives.

Enjoy this time of releasing what no longer serves you to begin the process of drawing your energy in, in order to begin again.

Happy September!