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A place to call home book

A place to call home your guidebook to feng shui design, creating a deeper sense of connection and belonging.

A place to call home

Edel has just published a new book offering a complete guide to feng shui design for your home for more details and a look inside click here. 



Edel is presenting at the Feng Shui Society annual feng shui conference:
Saturday, 11 June 2022, London + Zoom


  • Alexandra Berthault: Uplifting The Energy of Your Home with Flying Stars Feng Shui
  • David Furlong: The Archetypes and the Bagua: Exploring the Intuitive Balancing of Home Energies
  • Amanda Kenton: Smart Technology: Is it as Safe as we Think?
  • Edel Cleary: A Place to Call Home: Feng Shui Design for Design Connection and Belonging
  • Ryan Terren: Cultivating Qi Gong for a Feng Shui Practice
  • Jim Doyle: Going from Chaos to Calm and Wellbeing in your Home and Business
  • Vincent McDonnell: Bringing Harmony and Balance to your Garden
  • Gina Lazenby: Clutter Clearing to Make Space for Your Dreams

Edel is now Offering both on-site and virtual consultations 

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Monthly spotlight online classes

 Spotlight workshops 2022

Once a month we have a one hour online workshop dedicated to one core area of feng shui design to create a balance dynamic flow of energy throughout our homes and into our lives.  Click here for details

Upcoming FSS UK approved Foundation Level Training in Feng Shui Design

Virtual courses 2022:-

Being in your element 

9 star ki and Feng Shui – Discover more about your own personal energy signature and how best to support it in your home.

 9 Star ki - your astrological companion to feng shui

9 Star ki – your astrological companion to feng shui

In this class we look at our own personal energy signature – the elements that make up our emotional centre, our character and our outer expression. We look at the way in which our energy differs from, or integrates with, other elements in those in our immediate circle. We also take in how our energy changes and evolves each year over a cycle of 9 years and how best to go with the flow of this movement.

What is 9 star ki?

9 star ki dovetails with feng shui and allows us to understand the energy that lies behind the movement of energy to and through our lives. Feng Shui and 9 star ki recognise that life is simply energy in transformation – understanding the mechanism of this transformation enables us to enjoy a deeper and fuller, connection to this process in our lives.

The 9 stars refer to the 7 stars of the big dipper and the vega and polaris stars. These were used as navigational tools by our ancestors, as they rotated around an axis throughout the year. This process of movement and change was seen to have a direct correlation to change in nature and our lives.

Discover your own energy signature

In this class we will discover our own energy signature and how our energy moves and transforms each year over a cycle of 9 years before it begins the cycle again. Understanding your own energy signature and your energy for this particular year enables you to go with the flow of this energy and support yourself through this process of transformation. It also allows you to understand the energy of those around you and where they are on this turning wheel of transformation.

We will look at all of the basics of feng shui and how to apply these to your particular living space and then we layer in your own personal energy signature, working to support your individual energy and that of anyone else living in the home.

A journey of discovery into your inner and outer worlds and how best to infuse them with joy, abundance, health and happiness for every area of your life.

When Saturday 25th June 2022 10am to 1pm

Where Online via zoom

Class fee €45 BOOK HERE



Next Cource will be held on October 1st and 2nd 2022 River Holistic Centre Raheny, Dublin


Edel is a feng shui society UK accredited feng shui practitioner and an approved course provider FSSA FSNI

Feng shui society UK approved foundation level course in feng shui and associated modalities with Edel Cleary Interior Designer and Feng Shui Practitioner FSNI FSSA

2 day workshop held in the River Room at River Holistic Centre Raheny, Dublin 

Set over two days 10am to 5pm. This will be an information packed course which aims to provide you with a firm foundation in feng shui, healthy homes and many related modalities such as clutter clearing, the energy of colour, space clearing and essential oils for your home.

We build in the layers of feng shui and healthy homes so that after the course you will have the tools to apply feng shui to your own home while at the same time removing or mitigating for environmental stressors. The aim is to reduce elements in our environment which stress us or impede our progress through life and to introduce a clear flow of energy to and through your home and radate this into every area of your life.

This two day WORKSHOP is designed to introduce you to the key concepts of feng shui and the essential associated modalities of healthy homes, clutter clearing, earth energy and space clearing and their practical application to your home.

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Testimonials from recent workshop participants:

“Thank you so much for your wonderful workshop on Saturday. It was one of the best courses I have attended (and I’ve done quite a few!). The content and clarity was amazing. I’m motivated and energised to put what I learned from you on Saturday into practice. I’m already looking forward to your next course.” C.H Dublin

“Thank you so much for a most enjoyable, informative and relaxed day today…best course I have ever been on! I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to the next one”. M.P. Dublin


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Testimonials:- “It was an absolute treat- the course layout, pace and the information were just fantastic- we are buzzing with ideas and enthusiasm for the new adventure in feng shui” C.B. Wicklow

“This was one of the best classes I ever did and I will be sorry that it’s over. Even though we covered a huge amount – I feel we only scratched the surface and I would welcome a follow on course. Thoroughly enjoyable and well worth doing! V.C (Raheny, D.5)

“This course is filled with practical and actionable solutions for getting the energy in your home and life moving. Edel’s caring nature, combined with her wealth of knowledge in feng shui, interior design and aromatherapy provided a fantastic combination for creating an inspiring course. I have and will continue to highly recommend this course to everyone, and look forward to working with Edel again in the future” L. M. (Cavan)