FSS APPROVED FOUNDATION LEVEL COURSE IN FENG SHUI DESIGN. Set over four Saturday mornings. Online via zoom



A foundation level course designed to deepen our sense of connection to our homes!

Course set over four weeks, each Saturday morning via zoom


In advance of the workshop you will send your floor plan to Edel for notation so that she can guide you over the course of the four weeks on the application of feng shui to your individual space.

Foundation level training courses in Feng shui

NEXT COURSE: FEBRUARY 19th to March 19th (we skip March 5th)
Feng shui society UK approved foundation level course in feng shui and associated modalities with Edel Cleary Interior Designer and Feng Shui Practitioner FSNI FSSA IFSG

Edel is a feng shui society UK accredited feng shui practitioner and an approved course provider FSSA FSNI IFSG



This will be a fun and  information packed course which aims to provide you with a firm foundation in feng shui, healthy homes and many related modalities such as clutter clearing, the energy of colour, space clearing and essential oils for your home.

After the course you will have the tools to apply feng shui to your own home while at the same time noticing and removing or mitigating for environmental stressors. The aim is to reduce elements in our environment which stress us or impede our progress through life and to introduce a clear flow of energy to and through your home and radiate this into every area of your life.

This four week online workshop is designed to introduce you to the key concepts of feng shui and the essential associated modalities of healthy homes, clutter clearing, earth energy and space clearing and their application to your home.

WHERE: ONLINE VIA ZOOM contact edel@fengshuidesign.ie for details

Next course will run from February 19th for a total of four Saturday mornings finishing on March 19th (we skip Saturday 5th March) 10am to 1pm each Saturday. Online via zoom. Contact Edel for more information.