Spotlight class on Feng Shui for Balance, Health and Well Being 9am to 10am

At this centre point of the year we focus on the centre of stability and balance in our homes and ways to support ourselves through the natural transitions in our lives

We will focus on

  • Feng shui to earth, ground and tether our energy so that we feel fully supported as we move through life
  • Feng shui to support health and well being -To be truly healthy we must be in balance in all areas of our lives; integrating all aspects of our being, good relationships with partners, family connections, have a satisfying career, feel blessed and so on. The word integrate, comes from the latin root “integrare” meaning to make whole.
  • Opening up this critical area of our home, introducing elements to boost our energy
  • Reigniting our chi and reducing stressors in our environment
  • Adjusting this part of our home to create focus and eliminate confusion.
  • Creating a space where we can breathe-in new life and possibilities.
  • Introducing colours, imagery, crystals and essential oils to support your health and well beingWhen




 Feng Shui for Stability Health and wellbeing

In this spotlight class at the summer solstice we will explore feng shui design for balance. The tipping points of the year (the equinox and solstices) remind us that we are in a constant pattern of change and evolution. Feng Shui allows us to mirror the dynamic balance (moving, changing and evolving) into our homes while maintaining a sense of stability and balance. Thus supporting our general health and wellbeing.