Feng Shui Astrology

Most Feng Shui Consultations involve first having some Feng Shui Astrology done – this can be the Japanese version – 9 star Ki, or the Chinese Version – Ming Kua and Four pillars Astrology. This simply provides extra information about the individual to figure out what their energy is and how it may best be supported.

We calculate your best direction to position your entrance, bed, desk and cooker so that you are constantly supported by your environment.

In 9 star ki, for instance, we look at how a person energy changes each year over a cycle of 9 years and this can give us an insight into how our energy is in any given year or month of that year – it can seem bright and full of life at some times and at others we can feel much more introverted and withdrawn, finding it hard to get motivated.

The Ming Gua
will give us information about our personal auspicious and inauspicious directions which can enable us to tap into our best direction energetically in the places where we spend long periods of time i.e. where we sleep or work.

The four pillars information allows us to look at the five elements of Water, Wood, Fire, earth and Metal and how we can use these in interior design and what we wear etc. to support our energy best.