Feng Shui For Homes

Feng shui for homes

A feng shui consultation for homes
Involves looking at every aspect or your life – what is working, what is not working, what needs a boost etc. For this reason, we take many things into account, the person’s astrology -heavens energy, the physical environment – mans energy, and the energy of the environment which the client occupies – earth’s energy. The consultation itself takes between 2 – 3 hours and involves an explanation of the clients feng shui astrology and discussion with the client about what they wish to derive from the consultation.

Feng shui principles for houses
Prior to the consultation itself, we ask the Client to draw out a floor plan of the space involved – this does not need to be too detailed once it is proportionate, this is usually sufficient. This plan is sent to us prior to the consultation date so that initial observations may be noted at this stage. During the consultation, we will explain how the bagua and feng shui principles may be applied to the space in a practical and aesthetically pleasing way to conform to the clients’ individual lifestyle. This involves looking at furniture layout, colour, ornamentation etc. Then we walk through space and make initial observations and recommendations on the walk through. Following this, we may need to walk through the space a second time making notes and observations and dowsing for geopathic stress etc.

What’s involved in having a feng shui and healthy home consultation?

Feng shui consultation follow up
A full written report is provided after every consultation reiterating all suggestions made and making further suggestions as required. The consultation and report provide you with all of the tools you require to create positive change in your life through enhancing your environment.

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