Foundation Level Courses in Feng Shui

Edel will be running more courses via zoom over the coming months so that we can stay safe while learning together in the comfort of our own homes. 


Some testimonials from recent course attendees:-

“Thanks so much Edel for a wonderful weekend. I got so much from the workshop and really enjoyed every moment-I didn’t want it to finish!” S.C. Dublin 2019

“Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the course. Your workshop was welcoming, down to earth and fun. I was in exactly the right place and Feng Shui resonates very strongly for me. I can’t wait to get started on my home and my partners” L.M. Dublin

“Thanks for a great feng shui weekend full to the brim with info. So will start small with that clutter clearing……You make it all so assessable and fun. Great to have the hand-outs for reference too”. C.F. Dublin

“Thank you so much for your wonderful workshop. It was one of the best courses I have attended (and I’ve done quite a few!). The content and clarity was amazing. I’m motivated and energised to put what I learned from you into practice. I’m already looking forward to your next course.” C.H Dublin

“Thank you so much for a most enjoyable, informative and relaxed workshop…best course I have ever been on! I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to the next one”. M.P. Dublin


A foundation level course designed to deepen our sense of connection to our homes!

Course set over four weeks, each Saturday morning via zoom


In advance of the workshop you will send your floor plan to Edel for notation so that she can guide you over the course of the four weeks on the application of feng shui to your individual space. 

Foundation level training courses in Feng shui

NEXT COURSE: FEBRUARY 19th to March 12th inclusive.

Feng shui society UK approved foundation level course in feng shui and associated modalities with Edel Cleary Interior Designer and Feng Shui Practitioner FSNI FSSA

Edel is a feng shui society UK accredited feng shui practitioner and an approved course provider FSSA FSNI

This will be a fun and  information packed course which aims to provide you with a firm foundation in feng shui, healthy homes and many related modalities such as clutter clearing, the energy of colour, space clearing and essential oils for your home.

After the course you will have the tools to apply feng shui to your own home while at the same time noticing and removing or mitigating for environmental stressors. The aim is to reduce elements in our environment which stress us or impede our progress through life and to introduce a clear flow of energy to and through your home and radiate this into every area of your life.

This four week online workshop is designed to introduce you to the key concepts of feng shui and the essential associated modalities of healthy homes, clutter clearing, earth energy and space clearing and their application to your home.

WHERE: ONLINE VIA ZOOM contact for details

Next course will run from February 19th for a total of four consecutive Saturday mornings finishing on March 12th 10am to 1pm each Saturday. Online via zoom. Contact edel to register your interest.

feng shui society approved foundation level training in feng shui design

In week one and two we will cover:

  • A detailed explanation of FENG SHUI its origins and its evolution and application for use in todays environment.
  • LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION; Geomancy, looking at the landscape, the position of your home within it. The shape of the plot and footprint of your
  • building and how this impacts on your energy and that of your home.
  • Effects of neighbouring buildings
  • CHI(positive, life giving energy) Vs SHA (harmful or diminishing energy) in your environment and within your home
  • The flow of the FIVE ELEMENTS in nature, mirroring the balance found in nature into your home
  • FORM SCHOOL; the fundamentals of feng shui
  • PLACEMENT of furnishings within your home
  • The I CHING TRIGRAMS and LO MAP, the energies of the different directions
  • Practical application of the BAGUA for your home; the energetic connection between different areas of your home and different areas of your life.
  • FENG SHUI CURES AND ENHANCEMENTS to improve the chi flow within your home
  • In week three and four we will cover:

    • THE BIGGER PICTURE; bringing balance to our homes.
    • Calculating your KUA; Your personal best directions to face while working and sleeping and how to mitigate for your more challenging directions. This will enable you to personalise the feng shui of your home, orienting furnishings to benefit your own personal energy and methods to mitigate for any negative energy where this is not possible.
    • ENTRANCES; the mouth of chi (positive energy) to your home. How to optimise your entrance to attract chi into your home and therefore into your life.
    • KITCHENS – The “treasure chest” in terms of chi, where we receive our nourishment and therefore our fuel to create abundance in our lives.
    • BEDROOMS; a key area to support your energy as you rest and recuperate after a busy day. Ways to ensure that you are being energised and fully supported as your body regenerates at night
  • The energy of COLOUR
  • GEOPATHIC STRESS; what is it? how does it impact our energy? and ways tomitigate for it in our modern environment.
  • EMF; We are all exposed to much larger and more challenging electromagnetic fields in our modern homes. We will explore ways to identify the most impactful sources and ways to mitigate for these.
  • CLUTTER CLEARING; clutter creates stagnation, literally keeping you stuck in the past. We go through ways to identify it, clear it and keep it clear and how this impacts on our personal energy and that of our homes and consequently our lives.
  • CHEMICAL POLLUTION IN THE HOME; ways we are exposed to it, how to avoid it and make healthier choices.
  • PLANTS; “how to grow fresh air” natures gift of balance for our homes. What type of plants to use in which areas to best improve the air quality and to reduce positive ions in the atmosphere
  • SPACE CLEARING; cleansing and uplifting the atmosphere of our homes. Every home has what we call “predecessor energy” it holds the energy of who occupied it before you. It also holds the energy of everything that has gone on in that  space over time. Therefore, it is essential to regularly space clear our homes to clear out what we are now ready to release and to invite in positive and uplifting energy.
  • FRAGRANT CHI; essential oils to cleanse and uplift your home
  • Edel 0862719292

    February 5th Being in your element with 9 star ki 10am to 1pm ONLINE Class fee €45

    A 3 hour class on understanding your own elemental signature and how best to support your personal energy with feng shui. Understanding what “house” your personal energy occupies this year in a cycle of 9 years. Some years our energy is up and out and full of energy and other years our energy is more focused inward. Learn what “house” you occupy this year and how to optimise your energy so that you can go with the flow, easily and effortlessly.

    Monthly spotlight online classes

     Spotlight workshops 2021/2022

    Once a month we will have a workshop dedicated to one core area of feng shui design to create a balance dynamic flow of energy throughout our homes and into our lives.

    First workshop will be on Saturday 19th June from 9am to 10am focusing on feng shui design for stability, health and wellbeing.

    Second workshop on July 17th from 9am to 10am will focus on feng shui for clarity, recognition and the full blossoming of our potential.

    The spotlight series continues on September 18th focusing on creativity and opening up to joy. Inviting in positive chi for the future.

    October 3oth we will focus on family ancestors and the past, the importance of connecting to our roots in order to flourish and grow.

    November 27th will focus on “mountain energy” and our connection to self and to spirit. The importance of carving out space to be still and listen to our inner wisdom before taking action.

    December 18th coming up to the winter Solstice and the darkest point of the year in the Northern hemisphere we begin the journey again, back to the light. This month we will focus on our life path, how to enhance its forward momentum and focus on how to release blockages and go with the flow, easily and effortlessly.

    January 15th 2022 we will focus on the energy of abundance for the year ahead. Inviting in blessings of all kinds into every area of our lives.

    February 12th 2022 we will focus on the energy of relationships harmony, the joy of loving connection and belonging.

    March 19th 2022 focusing on helpful friends, support from above and developing our connection to our “tribe”.

    Workshops will be online via zoom, class fee in each case €15 or book in advance for two classes for €27

    Click here to book your place €15 per class or book for two classes for €27. Don’t forget to state which two classes you wish to book for!

    November 27th spotlight class embracing stillness. 9am to 10am

    cultivating stillness

    Cultivating “mountain time” where we quiet our minds to create a “pattern interrupt” is essential in order to allow space between the exhale of the year we are letting go of and the inhale of the new beginnings we wish to invite moving forward. One hour online spotlight class 9am to 10 am Saturday 27th November. €15 per class or €27 if booking two classes.


    As we come to the shortest day of the year on the 21st we focus on our lifepath, how things are flowing for us in every area of our life. How to enhance our focus and forward momentum, releasing blockages so that we can flow forward into the year ahead. 9am to 10am ONLINE VIA ZOOM

    Book for one or two spotlight classes


    Focusing on the area of blessings and abundance, releasing blockages and allowing abundant energy to flow into our lives. Begin the year by setting your intentions for every area of your life. 9am to 10am ONLINE VIA ZOOM