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Feng Shui Tips

Feng Shui Tips for the Bedroom

In feng shui design the bedroom has essentially 3 functions:-

Balanced bedroom layout feng shui design

Feng shui design balanced bedroom layout

1.    Rest – it should provide a space to rest, recouperate and recharge your batteries,

2.  Relaxation – it should provide a peaceful nest /haven away from the hustle and bustle of life

3.   Romance – this most intimate space of your home should honour your needs for romance and connection with your significant other, whether they are in your life now or you wish to invite that energy in for your future.

Feng shui tips to ensure all three of the above are considered:

  • You should include plenty of soft yin energy into this space.  In order for it to feel nurturing and relaxing.  A good solid headboard, equal space on either side of the bed and a fresh vibrant energy is best to feel nurtured and regenerated while you sleep .
  • Be very aware of the artwork in your bedroom  – it should  carry positive connotations for each of the occupants. You carry this imagery into your dream state and begin each day with it as your mood-setter. Ensure its something you love!!
  • Avoid cutting chi from very angular furniture and overhead beams etc, this can interfere with restful sleep
  •  It is very advantageous to have your head pointing in one of your best directions while you sleep (your kua will dictate this). It is even more important to have a solid wall behind you and a good solid headboard so that you feel backed up and supported while you sleep. Having a window behind your head puts you directly in the flow of chi / energy  – this is not conducive to restful sleep.

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Feng Shui Tips for Business

First impressions are formed within seconds of entering a building and account for over 75% of your overall experience of the space and therefore the company who occupies it. Take a look at the locality, the building exterior, the entrance and finally the interior itself – analyse the material finishes, colour, lighting and form in terms of the ambience they create.

Feng shui tips for business reception/entrance

  • Ensure the reception area provides a welcoming atmosphere with plenty of large healthy plants if possible, good lighting and comfortable seating.
  • The colours chosen for this area should reflect the image to be portrayed by the company.
  • The company name or logo should be clearly visible for immediate impact – NOT on a doormat, which invites people to wipe their feet on the company name!! The company logo or name, for example, imprinted on stone or brass gives an impression of a solid, well, established company.


  • Clutter and disorder create blocked, stuck, heavy energy. Develop a clear-desk policy so that each worker begins their day at a clear desk. When your environment is untidy, it is difficult to think straight and you can find yourself losing and forgetting things, which makes your work hard and laborious.

Feng shui tip for office layout

  • Desk layout /furniture placement needs careful consideration. In an ideal world each person will face one of their best directions, each desk would be placed so that the occupant has their back to a solid wall and has a view of the door and window. This puts them in a controlling position in their environment, which feels more stable and settled. In an open-plan office it is best to situate desks so that people do not have their back to the main corridor of through-traffic. Ensure that all chairs have a solid high back and armrests so that each worker feels solidly “backed up and supported” while they work.

Key considerations for feng shui in the office

  • Concentrate first on the offices of the owners/managers of the company, ensure the layout of the furnishings creates ease of flow and movement and that the occupier sits in the “power position” within the room. Ensure that the occupier is facing one of their ideal directions to maximise their energy while they work. Once their energy is balanced and uplifted this sense of balance and harmony will flow out to the entire company.

Feng shui tip on clutter in the office

Cluttered bedroom

Clutter creates a heavy atmosphere which can keep us stuck in a rut.

Clutter creates stuck energy, it will deplete your energy as you encounter it in your home or workplace. Considered a master enhancer of procrastination – once you still have clutter to deal with you will never have to move forward in your life  – it therefore keeps you stuck where you are, surrounded by things from your past. The single greatest immediate energy boost you can give yourself is to clear your clutter and get out of your own way – literally!



Entrance mat

uplift your entrance

Feng Shui Tip For Entrances

The entrance to your home sets the tone for both how you feel about coming home and how you feel about facing out into the world. Take a close look at what is going on around your entrance and ask yourself the question “if I didn’t know who lived here – what would this entrance say to me about the occupants of this space?”

If your answer is less that favourable, use this opportunity to make some changes here- simply becoming consious of yor surroundings can have a profound effect on how you interact with your space.


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